Feb 14, 2007

A short update just for Roleplayers

Two things, really:
  • A brand new, richer and definitely improved version of the FreeCountry Dungeons and Dragons mapping tool has been released and should be downloaded for free.
  • The Big List of RPG plots is available here and includes more than a few handy GM/DM scenario ideas. Smart GMing tips should also be expected.
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  1. I downloaded the new version and I am unable to get it to work...any suggestions? It says
    "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)

  2. I meant to specify that it was the new version of Free Country that wasn't working...

  3. Unfortunately jerold, I have no ideas on the suject, as -fortunately- the program runs fine here... Still, since Tyler (the brains behind FreeCountry) might pop in, he could help you.


  4. As most americans do I tried to use this without reading the instructions...I went to the help file eventually and read the instructions and everything is hunky-dorry now...%)

  5. Hehe... glad that's settled then :)

  6. (.....presses buttons on mapper.....heads off to make tea)