May 18, 2017

Words On The Crafting Of Playable Cities

The life of the game urbanist --which is exactly how I've chosen to describe what I'm doing for a living-- involves a lot of writing, and, happily, not all of it has to be kept under wraps. Besides, I do consider trying to explain urban planning for games, and attempting to provide guidelines for the construction of successful virtual urban environments as an integral part of my Game Cities work.

So, I have been writing quite a bit lately. I have been writing on medium, on Gamasutra, and even a tiny bit on this very blog. I have also contributed a piece on mapping virtual spaces and The Old City: Leviathan for the second issue of Heterotopias,  argued about the politics of transportation on How We Get To Next, and launched my mini series of long articles on medieval urbanism for fantasy settings over at the Kobold Press blog.

More words, quite a few of them actually, appeared on the excellent Presura N┬║XXIII, as my A Beginner's Guide To Crafting Video Game Cities (direct link to PDF) article appeared in this fine publication's first issue in English. Oh, and there will be some spoken words about designing cities for games by me this July at Develop: Brighton

Hope to see some of you there!