Feb 20, 2015

An Update On Words And Games

Why, hello there precious reader! We haven't chatted in a while, have we? No, we haven't and the only one to blame is me. I have been incredibly busy lately and working on a most intriguing menagerie of things, you see. Things I have for the most part failed to inform you about.

Well, let's at least fix this. First of all, I'm still writing about games though mostly not on Gnome's Lair. I do instead maintain the daily Freeware Garden over at Rock Paper Shotgun and spend hours upon hours each week trying to find the very best and weirdest of PC gaming freebies, keep on covering indie games over at IndieGames.com, highlight retro stuff over at Retro Treasures and contribute the occasional post at Warp Door.

Other than that, I do edit DualNames' lovely DualMondays column for this very blog and have slowly started working on a series of feature articles requested by my wonderful and extremely generous (patient too) patrons. I'm also planning to write the odd article or too, keep updating my list of brilliant freeware games and making little edits to the site.

Moving on from my writing endeavors, let me first reassure you that freeware adventure game Earthling Priorities has not been abandoned. Chris Christodoulou has finished the soundtrack, Daniele Giardini is almost done with all the art and animation, I am close to completing the thing's design and simply need to find a few weeks to code and put everything together. Provided all goes well, this should happen sometime around April.

Why April? Simple, really. April is when I believe work on the first major milestone of the RPG I'm working on will be concluded and the first internal demo (following a pretty cool prototype we are already playing with) will be ready to do the things it's supposed to be doing. 

And, yes, I did say RPG and though I'm not at liberty to discuss details with anyone outside the development team right now, I can tell you that Kyttaro Games and my humble self have assembled a brilliant team of indie developers, artists and writers to create something unlike anything you've ever seen. A bold claim, I know, but if we manage to actually finish the project, which I believe we will, you'll be bound to agree with me.

That's all for now, reader. See you luv!