Gnomic Games

The games I've worked or am working on. Well, most of them anyway.

Under Development:

Board-game with artist Virginia Diakaki.

Consulting (on urban, and city planning/building matters) on several game cities projects.

Pen & paper RPG with artist Maria Kallikakis.

Dozens of prototypes that might never lead anywhere, including something rather ambitious for the IF Competition..

Finished Games:

Earthling Priorities (Windows/freeware): a short sci-fi adventure game with Daniele Giardini, Jim Spanos and Chris Christodoulou.

Workers In Progress: Special Edition - Progress Harder (browser, downloadable/freeware)

Workers In Progress (web/freeware) [translations: Turkish, Spanish]

Droidscape: Basilica (iOS/commercial) with Kyttaro Games.

DroidArcade (iOS/free-to-play) with Kyttaro Games.

Aborted Projects:

The City RPG (Windows, Mac, Linux/commercial) with Kyttaro Games and a dream team of indie developers, artists and writers. Read about it here.

Levels / Mods:

VVVVVV: The Nasty Drop (obviously freeware): a VVVVVV level.

Games I Helped Test & Q.A.:

TOMBs of Reschette by Richard Goodness

Zest by Richard Goodness

Gun Mute by C. E. J. Pacian

Dead Like Ants by C. E. J. Pacian

Rogue of the Multiverse by C. E. J. Pacian

Mysterious Ocean Tower by C. E. J. Pacian

Castle of the Red Prince by C. E. J. Pacian

Weird City Interloper by C. E. J. Pacian

Superluminal Vagrant Twin by C.E.J. Pacian

Translations & Other Credits:

Death Ray Manta by Rob Fearon who was kind enough to thank me for asking him to actually make the game.

The Paradise of Debt Greek translation, which you can play here and is called 'Ο Παράδεισος του Χρέους'.

The Curse of Issyos by Locomalito -- helped with the Greek names and naming of things.

Games I've worked and am working on with the IndieBros:

(mostly PR, additional writing & design, copy-editing, consulting, QA, testing, etc)

In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor


Elysium: Blood Games

Cosmic Leap


Bit Shifter

Steel Rain


Boss Constructor


Good Robot

Carrotting Brain

Ground Breakers


Tales of Maj'Eyal

Axe, Bow, and Staff

Avadon 3