Sep 11, 2008

...entering hybernation mode...

I'm not sure anyone noticed, but I haven't been blogging that regularly lately. No, really. And it's not that I don't have things I'd like to write about either, as I'm actually full of silly gaming ideas, have discovered quite a few interesting oddities I'd like to share with you loveable lot and never really stopped keeping up with the less mainstream side of gaming news. No. Thing is, I just don't have the time nor -to be frank- the calmness needed to actually blog. At least not with the quality I've decided I should be aiming for. So... well, Gnome's Lair is entering a mode of hybernation, meaning I will be around checking my friends' blogs, answering comments and mails, but won't be actually updating this blog with new content. I will, on the other hand, be able to post the odd Retro Treasure, as it's both easier to do and frankly more relaxing.

Mind you, Gnome's Lair will definitely be back sometime this December and will hopefully be much better (and possibly drastically redesigned) than ever. Now, if you will be kind enough to excuse me, I got a dissertation to finish.