Apr 13, 2011

Indie Humble Bundle the Third: Frozenbyte

I did fail to both blog and grab the previous two Indie Humble Bundles, but things are about to change reader! Oh, yes they are. The third Humble Bundle, the one codenamed Frozenbyte, has been made available and you can finally grab it in all its indie glory via the Humble Bundle site. Heh, just love typing Humble Bundle you know. I actually love saying Humble Bundle as I am typing Humble Bundle even more. Seems to make me pointlessly chuckle. Humble Bundle, Humble Bundle, Interviewer!

Anyway. This particular Humble Bundle, unlike them previous ones, focuses on the work of just one indie developer, Frozenbyte, and allows you to pay what you want in order to grab DRM-free and obviously downloadable versions of fine indie specimens Trine, Shadowgrounds: Survivor and Shadowgrounds. Happily you'll also be pre-ordering Splot and gaining access to the rather brilliant Jack Claw prototype. Oh, you will apparently be able to help some charities too. What follows is the Humble Bundle trailer... Humble Bundle!

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Apr 7, 2011

Osada by Amanita Design

You weren't expecting a post today, were you? Well, you shouldn't have been! I've told you. I'm trying to finish that AGD Interactive feature, which, incidentaly, is coming along pretty nicely, and is sharing most of my time with a few more incredibly time-consuming projects. Then again, Osada by Amanita Design (the indie dev team responsible for such stunningly beautiful games as Samorost and Machinarium; to name a few) is something you simply have to see/hear/click on. It's not an adventure mind, but it definitely is point-and-click and will definitely remind you of Mr. Gilliam's classic Python animations. Actually, it should probably also remind you of those Python point-and-click games I was the only one to apparently ever love.

Apr 6, 2011

The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures

If there is one thing Gnome's Lair can't resist, that is most definitely books on adventure games. Well, that and roasted lamb apparently, but I thought I'd stick with the books really. Seems to be the more appropriate course of action for a gaming blog they tell me.

So, The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures it is then, and as you should have already guessed this is a book that focuses on some of the best offerings the genre has so far come up with. More than 300 games are covered in its 760 black & white pages, including every game Lucasarts Lucasfilm, Sierra, ICOM and Legend ever produced, as well as a rich selection covering such gems as Ben There, Dan That, Beneath a Steel Sky, Sanitarium, Discworld, Neverhood, Cruise for a Corpse and Simon the Sorcerer. Exclusive interviews with Al Lowe, Corey Cole, Bob Bates and Josh Mandel have also been included, in what can only be described as a truly exhaustive offering, that sports a rather lovely cover.

The book will soon be available on Amazon.com and for the Kindle, and you can find out more about it over at Hardcore Gaming 101, where a pretty fantastic sample PDF can also be downloaded. Oh, and I did find out about it with the help of dear Sascha, who was kind enough to share the news over at the Lair's facebook page

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