Jul 6, 2012

The Recession Bundle

And there you (and I) were thinking I was done with bundle-blogging (working on Bundle In A Box can be more than enough) when BLAM! there appears the Recession Bundle by lovable bundle-observatory Indie Game Bundles. It's a wonderful and most unique beast and I couldn't help but mention it. The bundle comes with 6 freeware games and, should you be nice enough to pay something, 2 commercial indie offerings I at least hadn't tried before. All the money will be used to directly support the developers, cover the bundle's costs and help an important charity.

Among the games you'll find such gems as Anna Anthropy's sadistic platformer Mighty Jill Off, Gunstar Heroes inspired actiony-shooty thing Action Fist, stunning political adventure The Cat and the Coup and the gorgeous 8-bit Night. So, uhm, go grab the Recession Bundle and support this wonderful initiative.  Here's the trailer to further whet your appetite: