Jul 18, 2008

The Spectrum Games Bible 1982-2008

the spectrum games bibleHaving already missed the apparently excellent ZX Spectrum Book - 1982-19xx book, I'm more than excited to have been timely informed about the incredibly ambitious Spectrum Games Bible 1982-2008 project, that's already spanning two books and covering more than 500 games. What's more, at least four more books will soon be released, hopefully reviewing every game ever released for the gloriously humble Speccy. Now, that's what I call ambition. Possibly a worthy cause too. Well, almost. Anyway.

To grab the extremely well priced first books (or their rather pricey colour counterparts) do yourselves a favour and follow this handily underlined link. Mind you, you can even contribute to the forthcoming volumes -this is most obviously a group project, you see- and, yes, actually get paid. Oh, oh, and for some free, online, high-score comparing ZX Spectrum gaming you have to give MySpeccy a try.

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Jul 1, 2008

UT3: DM-Bagger

ut3 dm bagger ut iiiunreal tournament 3 deathmatch mod bagger dm-baggerPlay an Unreal Tournament III deathmatch on a huge excavator on Venus. On your PC or even PS3. By following this link and grabbing the appropriate mod. From the fertile mind that brought us the Fawlty Towers CS mod. Enjoy. Oh, yes, not in a talkative mood really.