Not surprisingly, Gnome's Lair, this very blog, is the same blog people of all races and fetishes used to call the random gnome's random lair back in 2006.

It also happens to be my blog, which has been dialectical enough to change quite a bit while essentially staying the same and the place where I first used the alias gnome. Don't really know how I came up with it, mind you, though most people that actually know me prefer to call me by my real name: Konstantinos Dimopoulos. Oh, and I absolutely do not look like this dark and marvelous creation by Deitrix:
Now, despite being an urban geographer/planner and engineer myself, Gnome's Lair is all about gaming in all of its many and varied guises. It is thus about computer & video games, old games, new games, indie games, adventure games, free games, board games, designing games, crafting games, RPGs, books on games, games on books, and well the theory of and in games. It is --for the most part-- neither about geography nor about planning.

Apparently it also is about my very own gaming and writing projects. I have after all been working as a games journalist, curator of indie games, game designer, level designer, writer and occasional PR for quite some time now. Also, I'm not afraid to create my own little freeware offerings either.

Contentwise, if I were you and we were discussing this very blog, I'd expect a slight emphasis on most things free, indie and retro, especially if somehow related to adventures (text or graphic) and the glorious ZX Spectrum, as this particular gnome's favorite games do include Manic Miner, Monkey Island (the first three), Sensible Soccer, Civilization, Grim Fandango, Space Quest IV, The Hobbit, Gabriel Knight 3, Day of the Tentacle and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Oh, and the first commercial game I've worked on was released ages ago and it's none other than Droidscape: Basilica for iOS. I worked on the game design, level design and the writing of the game. On some extra things too. And then I worked a bit on DroidArcade and Workers in Progress. And spent a couple of years on Bundle In A Box too, but that's over now.

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