Apr 1, 2014

Workers In Progress - a work in progress

The first months of 2014 have been the worst in my life and that, dear reader, was the main reason I haven't been able to write on Gnome's Lair and let you know about my latest game: Workers In Progress. A political simulation set in Greece that plays like a choose your own adventure.

Workers In Progress is part of the Fear of Twine exhibition, which was organized and curated by Richard Goodness; an exhibition sporting 14 games created with Twine and includes such varied masterpieces as TWEEZER, The Girl In The Haunted House, The Matter of the Great Red Dragon, Abstract State-warp Machines,  Zombies and Elephants and Truth is Ghost. Fear of Twine will be live until April 18, 2014.

As for my game, Workers In Progress, it is still not really finished and thus appropriately WIP. The basic skeleton of the political simulation is there and you do get to play as the Greek working class and make big, meaningful choices, but things really have to be done. It still lacks in characterization, needs quite a bit of writing and could certainly do with more choices. Hopefully, I'll have a final version ready within this very month.

[UPDATE :] With Fear Of Twine over, here's a temporary version of Workers In Progress.

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