May 15, 2014

Announcing the Earthling Priorities point-and-clicker!

Following my freeware choose-your-own-politics sim Workers In Progress, iOS games Droidscape: Basilica and DroidArcade, the time had come for me to finally work on a (relatively) traditional point-and-click adventure. Hence Earthling Priorities -- a small, satirical, sci-fi, freeware point-and-click adventure bound to be released during the next couple of months for Windows.

Having already designed most of the game, I'm currently working with the brilliant Daniele Giardini of DemiGiant fame who's providing the game with some utterly lovely pixel-art graphics and renowned musician-composer-adventurer Chris Christodoulou who's working on the game's music. AGS coding duties have been assumed by, well, me, but don't worry too much. The game will happen. And I will try and keep you up to date.

Also, I do love the assembled team and, hopefully, you'll love the game we are working one too.

For now, why not grab the glorious, pixel-arty Earthling Priorities wallpaper (found on the closest thing we have to an official webpage) and listen to some excellent music Chris has already done for the thing?