Dec 7, 2018

The Winter Menagerie

Things keep on happening, cities keep on imagining themselves, games keep on being conjured, and I thought I should update a bit you on what I've been up to those past few months.

Mainly, I have been focusing on the forthcoming Virtual Cities atlas we've been working on for over a year now with friend, and visual artist Maria Kallikaki. We just announced the cities that will be included in the book, are working like crazy on its texts, illustrations, and maps, making good progress, and seem to be on schedule to deliver the finished manuscript to Unbound early in 2019.

I have also been helping shape the city, and environment of narrative game Lake by gamious, and doing things on a very secret, very exciting game with indie studio beyondthosehills. More info on those projects, as well as on a certain something I can't quite mention yet, soon-ish. And, yes, the still un-named board game, and the Blood Bludgeon RPG are still very slowly being worked on too.

On the writing front, I did start the CityCraft column about the design of game cities for the excellent, new, and dev-focused gaming mag Wireframe. The first three issues have already been released, and you can order them (or download the free PDFs) here. If you want to read something slightly less technical, here's the Designing death in the virtual city essay I wrote for the Wellcome Collection, and here's my AdventureX '18 talk (Narratives In Urbanism & Storytelling Cities) for the more audiovisual types:

And did I mention I appeared in a documentary too? Well, I did, and you can watch this lovely thing on video games and cities (in Spanish mostly, but it's been subtitled, and I do speak in English) on YouTube: