My fine selection of perfectly preserved links

Welcome dear and gentle reader. Welcome to a collection of mostly gaming related links to the rich ecosystem of varied sites and blogs that I deeply enjoy. Have fun clicking around and don't be afraid to suggest the inclusion of any site you deem worthy.

Contemporary Digital Pleasures

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: PC gaming and sheer brilliance; RPS is indeed the best the gaming web could ever hope to offer.

Armchair Arcade: Old and new games sitting happily around a fire of sheer gaming wisdom. Also, podcasts, interviews, reviews, features, books and some brilliant bits of retro gaming video fun.

Game Cabaret: Armchair conversations on the darker, risqué, sides of gaming. Also includes a bit on porn.

Richard's Online Journal: Excellent writing, quality humor, unique content and a taste for the obscure make this one of rare gem of a blog.

The Elderly Gamer: Back in the land of the blogging with two helpers, one of which is not an undead fantasy monstrosity.

OW Videogames: Also known as OW! and formerly known as Retro Remakes this is one of the wildest and indie loving places around. Love it! It might love you back...

from the gutter
: comics, games, technology, books, insightful articles and a huge archive of Nintendo DS (and some Wii) homebrew offerings.

Chamber of Horrors: All things horror, including more than a few references to gaming of all kinds.

The Artful Gamer: Games are art, art can't be defined, dialectics can answer almost anythings, and the Artful Gamer always comes up with intriguing articles searching for the poetry in video games.

Pacroid: Eclectic, pretty damn huge and quality gaming blog, that wisely covers all kinds of digital games.

Electron Dance: Brilliant writing, retro tendencies and a love for computer gaming.

Games That Exist: Quality musings on reasonably priced or even free games (with a literary hint).

Volatile Mode: A most eclectic (and tasteful) take on contemporary gaming.

Japan Gaming Guide: The aptly named guide to gaming in Japan. With a ton extra gaming goodness thrown in.

Game Hoot: A most eclectic and diverse gaming blog covering every modern gaming device.

Bits, Bytes, Pixels and Sprites: Complete with podcast and contemporary games coverage.

Pro-Gamer: One of the oldest surviving friends of the Lair and an all around gamer with a particular interest in the console side of things.

CaptainD's PC Gaming Blog: A blog with which we share the same gaming taste. Loveable and filled with stuff to enjoy via a keyboard and a mouse.

Tacticular Cancer: Silly name, amazing news outlet on all things strategy.

No Signal Input: Where Tom Mulrooney documents those life sucking things we call video games, MMOs and indie games.

Bagfull of Wrong: Home of the very best arena shooters and sterling indie games for him and her.

Creative Ludologists and the Crafting of Games

Grumpy Gamer: Ron Gilbert's hand-crafted blog, where people with an unhealthy obsession for Monkey Island tend to gather.

Kyttaro Games: Where I and an eclectic bunch try to create the best games we can.

Slightly Deranged: The blog of Agustin Cordes of Scratches fame, covering old adventures, weird movies and of course the crafting of games.

Destructible Crate: Where Mike designs games and shares beautiful creations like Visiting Day and Reunion.

Space Cat Rocket Ship: The world's first liquid-fuelled rocket-blog and the virtual place where Pacian presents the world with his innovative games and excellent writing. Oh, and you must also visit (Text) Games for (Space) Crows.

The Pickford Bros' Blog: Read what two legends of the gaming industry have to say for themselves, their upcoming projects and their new and older games. Also home of the excellent Naked War strategy game.

xii games: Home of Vince Twelve and his amazingly innovative indie adventure games. Home of Anna and Resonance too.

304: The Number of the Ben: Where Ben shares his stunning games, his art and talks about games and game design.

Zenobi Software: The web corner maintained by the Balrog and the cat of Zenobi, indie developers and publishers of hundreds of text adventures during the 80s and 90s.

The Vintage Side of Gaming

Retro Treasures: An excellent blog (if I may), that brings you retro gaming oddities, rarities and bargains, and apparently searches eBay so that you don't have to.

Recycled Thought from a Retro Gamer: Fantastic retro gaming blog sporting tons of unique content. And a  magisterrex creation it is too.

Retro Gamer: The website of the glorious Retro Gamer magazine with all its rich content, web 2.0 bit, shop, collector's guides, blog and, well, more.

The Single Button Joystick: A beautifully retro blog with loads of love for the glorious Commodore Amiga, that happily also covers more than a few other classic gaming machines.

Chronomancy: Following Dungeons and Dragons CRPGs since the dawn of time.

Retroaction Magazine: The most glorious of all PDF retro gaming magazines. Now mostly a blog.

RGCD: The most glorious of all non-PDF retro gaming magazines. Now mostly a blog.

Vintage Computing and Gaming: Adventures in classic technology, with a healthy dose of impressive writing, great humour and retro scans.

The SEGA Master System Junkyard: Where the 8-bit SEGA machines are still being loved.

The Saturn Junkyard: A rich, constantly updating and ever expanding blog about all things Sega Saturn.

The Dreamcast Junkyard: The first of the SEGA junkyards and the glorious hub for all 128-bit Dreamcast gamers.

Retro Remakes: Home of a thousand flowery and mostly freeware remakes of classic games, the aptly named Retro Remakes compos, an excellent blog, a Bob and some pretty impressive exclusives.

Mersey Remakes - we make the cops look dumb: Where OddBob remakes, creates, reviews and enjoys stuff. Includes a War Twat.

Just One More Game: Fantastic blog with an unhealthy passion for all things retro, indie and -oddly- coin operated.

Spectrum Games: A treasure-trove of Spectrum games reviews, images, videos and misty eyed reminiscing. Run by the Retro Brothers.

Amiga Games: The aptly named Amiga site by the Retro Brothers.

Retro Computers: What could this be about, then? Another blog/site by the Retro Brothers.

The Joy of Sticks
: The definitive Atari ST blog and home of the utterly amazing Great Atari ST survey.

World of Spectrum: The ultimate ZX Spectrum archive, offering thousands of games for legal download, while also covering the hardware, musical and publishing side of everyone's favourite 8-bit.

Pre-Sonic Genesis: Retro fun with a definite focus on all things Sega. And D&D.

racketBoy: A rather classic classic gaming site.

Funny Games: Games from the past and present -but mostly past- that make you chuckle.

Retro Replay: Emulation news, retro blogs, a lively nostalgic community and more than a few retro reviews.

Fiercely Independent

TIG Source: A.k.a. the independent gaming source, TIG Source is the hub of all things happening outside the corporate world of gaming. A place of revolution, quality and impressively odd compos.

Indie Games: The Weblog: Where the almighty Tim presents us with the latest news and releases of the indie world while interviewing the creators.

Indie Game News: All the news, all indie, all gaming in one handy place for devs and gamers alike.

TIGdb: The ultimate (and growing) indie games database.

8-BIT Girl: Very indie, quite a bit retro and usually serving some excellent interviews (when out of other lovely, gamey stuff).

The Indie Game Magazine: Reviews, previews, freebies and news in a beautiful online magazine.

The Monk's Brew: An incredibly innovative game developer writing about game design, the evolution of interactive fiction, adventures, play and more.

Play This Thing: Excellent and thoughtfull reviews of the most interesting and intriguing games around. Covers everything from interactive-fiction to board games to web freebies.

Matty On Games: Indie games, retro games, indie retro games and new indie games for retro platforms along with some other stuff. Brilliant.

Bytejacker: The channel for indie gamers to watch.

Point, Click, Type in an Adventurous Manner

Adventure Gamers: The biggest and -according to thorough research- best adventure gaming site around, filled with reviews, previews, features and news. Got a rather lively forum too.

GameBoomers: A true genre stalwart. Also sports a fantastic forum.

A Hardy Developer's Journal: An absolutely excellent gaming blog with a strong focus on the creation (and enjoyment) of indie and freeware adventures.

Just Adventure: The secret's in the name.

Adventure Classic Gaming: Reviews, news, previews, interviews with legendary designers, forums, walkthroughs and features on retro classics.

Adventure Lantern: The one and only (thus also the very best) online gaming magazine that deals with adventures of all kinds, ages and formats.

An occasional player's review: Quality articles, reviews, developing tools, news and bits on design with a distinct indie adventure flavor.

Emily Short's Interactive Fiction: All hail the interactive fiction goddess!

The AGS blog: The definitive source of AGS news and thus a lovely place to discover the shiniest indie and freeware adventure games.

The International House of Mojo: All things Lucasarts covered, meaning all things Telltale, Double Fine, Autumn Moon and Ron Gilbert are being covered too.

The Lively Ivy: Hand-crafted adventure games, comics, art and an excellent sense of humour.

The Infocom Gallery: The reason the Internet was created: tons of Infocom info, scans, and a chance to play all those classic text adventures online. For free of course.

Mostly Gamers - Definitely Unsortable

Father Krishna's Wii-kly Sermons: Everyone's favourite FK and dear friend, the Father, blogs on anything that catches his gaming fancy and/or tickles his musical sense.

Barts News: Games! Software! Technology! Japan? Add some Spectrum loving, a PSP and voila!

Stray Dog Strut: Wisdom is to be found in barking up the wrong tree and being tasteful in games.

Sawn off Shotgun: A fantastic corner of the web covering modern revolutions, gaming, and stuff.

The Lost Level: Located in a (probably damp) maze of twisty little passages, the lost level revels in its coverage of RPGs, CRPGs, non-analog & non-digital games, fantasy artwork and much more. Seems it has now been merged with The Staging Point.

The Red Bull Diary: Smart, political, stylish and with a thing for games. Exploiting games and toys since 1998 and occasionaly mentioning the Commodore 64 and some robots.

NebachadnezzaR's Place of Awesomeness: The awesome gamer/novelist from Portugal blogs on all things cinematic, heavy metal, console gaming and, well, gaming.

Old-Wizard: Intentionally fanboy-ish and filled with top 10 lists, this site could very well be a dadaist joke on the gaming/geek community.

Hunyak Blog: Media stuff, retro gaming, videos, a great sense of humour and an appettite for the obscure.

SlackerGamer: Nice, mostly mainstream and RPG-y.

Of Tables, Tops and Dice

Purple Pawn: The ultimate RPG, CCG, board game, card game and wargame news site.

Dungeon Mastering: Tons of info and advice for, well, mostly Dungeon Masters (not necessarily of the BDSM kind, mind) and RPG enthusiasts with a D&D fetish.

EpicWargaming: Home of the excellent and free to play Three Plains fantasy wargame.

Bell of Lost Souls: WH40k, WHFB and miniature gaming news, articles, tactics and opinions.

Yehuda: Board-games, RPGs, game-crafting and It's Alive, all wrapped up in one of the oldest and most impressive analog gaming blogs around.

Dane of War: Roleplaying, wargaming, warhammering and zombie-loving.

"Roll Dice and Kick Ass!": Militant geek culture at its finest. Especially for people who love to move game pieces around.

The Vintage Gamer: Excellent podcast on mostly older games, many interviews, some bits on video games and an unhealthy longing for R'lyeh.

Warhammer Fantasy Tabletop Gaming: Self-explanatory really. Matt Forbeck’s official website and blog, thus a place for fantasy novels, Blood Bowl and glimpses at everyones beloved Mutant Chronicles.

StupidRanger: Never Adventure Alone. An amazing and lovingly collective RPG blog aporting top quality writing.

Ramblin Gamer: Warhammer 40k, Heroclix, Battlefleet Gothic, Champions, Hero and a ton of analog gamng pictures.

Web Visual Artists

Deitrix ArtWorks: Home of the demented, surreal, creepy and extremely talented. Also virtual home of Deitrix and his beautiful abominations.

Walls of Gaming: A place for all your lovely wallpaper needs.

Tom Sheehan's Photography: Top quality photographs of Boston's historic South Shore coastal towns and beyond.

Tech, blogging and other stuff

Revouchers: A creation of Jared; a very kind patron of mine!

gHacks: Daily tech/web/etc news, tips and links. An excellent resource.

Darscom - Captain D rides again: Books, e-books, audio-books, fiction, poetry, reviews, and anything else that comes to a captain's mind.

Ben Kudria's blog: Not sure I understand everything Ben talks about, but surely you tech savvy lot will fare much better.

Peek 'n' Poke: Walkthroughs, guides, FAQs and stuff.

Mainstream, Mainstream, Mainstream

Eurogamer: Almost like RPS, but bigger and not quite that smart. Still, Eurogamer is the best in mainstream-multiformat gaming and sports sopme excellent writing too.

: The art & business of making games and some truly in-depth coverage of all things game-y.

Kotaku: Like Joystiq, only different.

Joystiq: Like Kotaku, only different.

Fora and places of discussion

Retroaction forum: The forum of everyone's beloved online pdf retro gaming magazine. I help with the moderation bit.

Retro Gamer forum: Incredibly lively and smart. All your retro gaming questions will be answered and you can even leave your feedback on the mag.

Video Game VS: Lovely fanboy battleground. Quite shocking at times.

The Warhammer Forum: Does exactly what it says on the tin, with the added bonus of providing a space to discuss anything Games Workshop.

Empty and Dead-ish Places that mostly R.I.P.

PC Game Space Race Victory

Power Up

A Slime Appears

The Game Drone

Rendered Beauty

The Happy Gamer

Superfluous Gamer

Random J Blog

The Download Munkey



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