Feb 13, 2007

Star Fox: Shadows of Lylat

Lylat? What do you mean by Lylat? Oh, Lylat. Anyway, silly name aside, Star Fox: Shadows of Lylat is shaping up to be a rather brilliant and very freeware Starfox game, that will shockingly (probably, too) appear on the PC before the franchise hits Nintendo's very own Wii. The game -obviously a fan project- will be based on the classic and open-source Freespace 2 engine and, among other things, will feature:
  • 3 Arwings and lots of other vehicles
  • Tons of classic and brand new enemies
  • An allegedly intricate storyline set between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures.
  • Space missions (in space)
  • Ground missions (not in space)
  • Multiplayer
Quite promising really. Now, before clicking yourselves over to the game's official site/forum or to a piece of its soundtrack, do have a look at this amazing Star Fox: Shadows of Lylat trailer:

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  1. Wow! Just saw an interesting thing about that on Dreamcast Planets forum...

    I'll post the URL in a minute...

  2. Beautiful video, clearly amphetamine based..

  3. They're "Arwings" not "Airwings" silly.

  4. (waits for URL... waits... waits some more...)



    Ah, yes, amphetamine shooters... Lovely, lovely...

    Oops. Thanks Vince :)

  5. Alright Shirty Gurty,

    Here goes...

    Hope it was worth the wait...


  6. Hahaahahaha!

    LOL & ROFL... That dear father was indeed hilarious :)

  7. i wish to complain that the FK link falsely advertises the word strip.... and that the characters hadn't put their shields on, while attempting re-entry.....

  8. Here, use the complaint shred... uhm... box. Yes, the complaint box.

  9. Elderly I can give you the uncensored version if you want...

  10. the uncensored version.?... why uhm no , i am ... have to ..erm turn the cooker off, yes that's it i've got to go and turn my cooker off.

    thanks guys it's been a blast.. see you later...


  11. (closes fully automated doors, essentialy trapping both FK and Elderly)

    What uncensored version?

  12. *looks shocked!!* You stole my damn post!!!! *giggles* Just kiddin'

    I saw this before and I thought it looked really cool. Better than StarFox: assault - that game was awful. I didn't think between Namco AND Nintendo, such an atrocity could be produced. But they soon proved that wrong.

  13. *LMAO* @ VG cats strip.

    That is awesome. They took actual quotes from the game! It's quite sad how I remember which character said what and on which stage. *hangs head in shame*

  14. (covers face with hands.....) make it stop, please make it stop... not the uncensored version.. please oh god no!!!!!!

  15. (pats J on back, offers tea / tequila / pron)

    It's not that bad really... Don't worry. It'll soon all be over dear J.

    OK, elderly.

    (presses stop)

  16. ..phew!... that was so scary... i though my heart was going to stop.. now that i mention... i think it has stopped... ? ? ?


  17. (arranges for lovely funeral)

    tsk, tsk, pitty, really... So young. So vibrant.


  18. ...