Feb 15, 2007

Coleco video games of 1980

Here's a little something the glorious Game Set Watch blog discovered some time ago: a fully scanned 1980 Coleco Toys & Games catalog freely available at the end of this tube. Highlights include Electronic Quarterback, head to head Baseball, Marksman, Colortron, Lil Genius and the less digital but most impressive Power Jet Hockey. People interested in the Colecovision console would apparently have to wait a few years back then. Mainstream (now retro) gamers, on the other hand, would surely be more interested in a few 1983 Atari 2600 advertisement scans.

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  1. .I was abducted by aliens in 1980, never quite the same since, here let me show you

    (pulls up shirt to show alien operation scars....)

  2. No, no, no need to. Really, I believe you...

  3. I've got one of those... HONEST! Not that brand but one of the first BLIP BLIP games... tennis, squash and something else... It's selling point was that it was in colour... It works and it's still in it's box! It's in a cupboard in me mums...

  4. (looks at scars.....) never felt a thing.... though i can still hear the voices...

  5. Father, your collection is just amazing. Unfortunately, I'll have to rob it off of you. Sorry, nothing personal really... You'll still be allowed to touch your toys when invited in the Lair of course and even have a go at the Treamcast, mind you, so it won't be that bad.

    Mr. Elderly, now, do have some tea, relax and tell me. What do the voices tell you? When were you first abducted? Did you get an anal probe a la Cartman?

  6. (drinks tea... looks out to the night sky.. )

    It was a long time ago... I was out walking my dog... the moonlight was strong just like tonight, a slight breeze blew up and.....

    (11 pots of tea later....)

    ....beamed back to the same spot, I looked around and all that was left of my poor dog was a smoking cinder.....

    (cries softly.....)

  7. Hmmm.. this does sound alien indeed, but (thinks of dog briefly) we cant rule out the old ones either...

  8. (sips tea, looks quizzically at Gnome....)

    ..the old ones?

  9. No,no. Not old ones. Old Ones!

  10. ...ahhhh no i have it.. the old 1's
    ..right ...why yes the old 1's

    silly me.....


    maybe you could run the old 1's story by me again,

  11. Tsk, tsk,



  12. feck it that's them, so it wasn't aliens after all.... and me looking for an answer in the stars....

    i was looking in the wrong direction.... the bstds how could they do that to Trixie, poor animal... i loved him

    (bursts into tears.....)

  13. Well they are quite a cruel bunch... Mindlessly so...

  14. sob... i can see him now, his shaggy little tail..... probably wagging his tail when they... they...

    how do you think they burnt him to a crisp....?

  15. They must have used the burning gaze... Then again, I'm not sure they have one...

  16. ...(shivers...) too horrendous to even think about it....... I was sorta hoping they used a laser ray.. quick clean....