Dec 21, 2006

The joys of D&D

Before you hardcore pen&paper RPGers go MMORPG-bashing, take a long hard look at this sly -but illustrated- comment on the Dungeons and Dragons experience (originally found @ GameSpy).

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  1. Awesome..! Now I don't even have to think when playing any of these games...

    I will rule all in D&D! Basically just kill everything..! ha ha ...

  2. Don't forget the loot... It's the whole bloody point. Well, that and xps...

  3. ..erm could a potential dungeoneer replace loot with alcohol....

  4. Of course. Yes. Definitely.

    It will make things quite a bit more perplexing though...

  5. ..hic (trips over map... falls...bumps head...) hic! no it's much easier.... looks like i've landed on a treasure.... (displays small bottle of tia maria.....)

  6. Yes. Great. Good for you... Why is it trying to strangle you though?

    tsk, tsk

    Never seen a tentacled bottle before. Quite amazing I must add...