Dec 7, 2006

Dungeons, maps and dice

Dungeons and Dragons. Right.

A relentless hack-and-slash RPG, that actually created our much cherished Roleplaying Games genre (no, not of the you-dress-up-as-a-nurse-kind). A game that still makes us forget that goblins do also have mothers themselves, and that DMs are quite real people that just can't design five dungeons per day simply to fulfill our sick gaming needs.

That's where the excellent, very free and even more detailed random dungeon generator by demonweb can come in handy. It actually provides the DM with the greatest and most simple of dungeon designing tools. Merely by clicking here and choosing a few attributes... If, on the other hand, versatile online die-rollers are your thing, please, do have a look at this one.

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  1. ...ahh how quickly i forget the good ye old uneven flagstones and the good and simple doors........... i shall repent...

    now where did i put that flail

  2. It's right there. Under the comfy chair.

    But, uhm, why would you need a flail dear Elderly? You could repent by going to the nudie bar. Surely it would be a shocking and disgraceful enough experience, right? No? Ok, i'll repent for us both then

  3. (running after Gnome) wait for me....

  4. :)

    (gnome smiles knowingly)