Apr 26, 2006

True Dungeon Delight

Apparently a dungeon isn't only the place, where tortured souls get tortured for that extra spicy erotic sensation. A dungeon is also a very appropriate place to meet a Dragon, a Goblin, perhaps even a Gnome or a particularly sadistic Faerie. Dungeons and Dragons on the other hand, was the monster (the 10ton gorilla actually) that Gary Gygax created all those years ago (see what people thought of it back in the 70s; click here), and obviously inspired some rather weird blokes to create the True Dungeon (link!). Have a look at the following video and despair. I know I did, but I sort of liked the idea... er ... in theory at least.

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  1. "Apparently a dungeon isn't only the place, where tortured souls get tortured for that extra spicy erotic sensation"

    I got a chuckle out of that opening... Great job, Gnome!

  2. Thanks a lot Ross, I might just introduce to a nice Dominatrix I know, who'll present you with my patented "Fellow-Blogger-Gamer" Award...

    Cheers mate!

  3. Oh God..."Real Cool"?!?! Er...not really. It sorta reminds me of one of those really crap 'haunted house' walk though 'rides' at Blackpool. I wonder what that guy who crapped his pants playing Doom 3 would make of it?! Kudos for digging this stuff up Gnome.

    And Yeah - "extra spicy erotic sensation"?! Genius. lol

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  5. Glad you enjoyed it mate... And I'd posted a really freaky (yes, freakier) DnD video, which was funny too, but couldn't remember where I'd seen it...

    Anyway. This was sad enough.

  6. If you're looking for something that's like a real life adventure game, you should check out "La Fuga" it's in Spain, but they're building a new game in New York.


    And gnome, how about a link exchange?

  7. Hey, can I make fun of stuff I know nothing about -- so I can be as cool as you?


  8. Well, Vince, of course...Your link will be right up... Thanks

    anonymous- How weird...