Jan 12, 2006

Do you remember Dungeons and Dragons?

Of course you do. Not only you remember it, but also probably believe it is the prototype all RPGs are based on. The archetypal hack ‘n’ slash RPG. I guess you will also be familiar with the terms “d20” and “OGL”… How about a review of D&D then? Of its first edition perhaps? 1974 anyone?

Just read on… (preferably by clicking on the picture)


  1. HMM...non-PC RPG Games...seemed like a long, long time ago...in another life time...

    But I had fun.

    Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

  2. You are more than welcome... And, by the way I really (and still) enjoy pen and paper RPGs... if you are interested I could send you some pdfs...

  3. I started playing the original boxed set at the age of 10, which was sometime around the year 1982 (yes, I am old); and man I have been hooked. I hate being around people who take it too serious though. I just like to play the game, let my imagination roll and have fun. My childhood friend and I were always leniant on the rules because we just wanted to have fun.

    I would like to know if anyone knows a good place to play D&D pen and paper online, maybe through a chat room or possible via email. (live online prefered). I've dabbled in some of the graphical MMORPGs such as Runescape, Tibia, and Illarion, but I really miss the Pen and Paper aspect. MUDs are ok but just not the same. I like the turn based fighting style rather than real time. I am not a profesional fighter like my character is and I have to stop and think about what to do next. Not to mention having to pause once in awhile to tend to my children.

    And maybe some pdfs of character sheets, abilities, weapons, etc. from the original D&D boxed series.

  4. First of all: YOU ARE NOT OLD and neither am I, of course. Now, that's solved, I can try to answer:

    I really don't know any real RPG, that's played online. You could though try to play PBF (play by forum) RPGs with very simple rules at the Adventure Lantern forums (there are more forums actually) or more typical chat based rpgs on the White Wolf IRC chat channels... Still not as fun as the real thing.

  5. Dungeons and dragons has and always will be THE roleplaying game to play I've played damn near every format of the game and enjoy them all very much no matter what dnd will remain the king of rpg!!!!!!! i also would like any pdf files i can get i consider myself an avid collector of all things dnd

  6. Hmmm... DnD pdfs... I'll see what I can do... For now, all there is available is the pdf of the first issue of "Dragon" magazine. Oh, and some more RPG related stuff too...