Jul 9, 2006

Wraith: The Oblivion. Part 1

Wraith, a now OOP game by White Wolf, that started its life under the (unpublished but indicative) name Hell, is one of the moodyest, more melancholy laden horror RPGs (or role-playing games for the acronym haters) ever conceived by man's sick mind. They don't call it the Storytelling RPG of Death and Damnation for nothing.

For starters, the first thing to happen to your character is death. Usually untimely and violent. But, as the blurb by White Wolf says:

"Just because you're dead doesn't mean your problems are over. With Wraith: The Oblivion you journey into the lands of the Restless dead, where ghosts walk and passions sustain life after death. Horrors beyond imagining lurk in the Sea of Shadows - and within your own mind. From loved ones you've left behind to dens of spectral monsters from the dawn of time, Wraith: The Oblivion is a game of nightmarish horror and stunning beauty."

Find out more, or feed upon the souls of the living, by following these nice Wraith links:

Then again, since it's Sunday and the final of the World Cup is just around the corner, you could wait for my next and more elaborate installment in the (hopefully) illustrious Wraith series (can't you Mr. Elderly?).

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  1. hello mr.gnome, this is fascinating

    ......and the wikipedia reference suggests it wasn't successful because of it's dark tone and confrontational manner........surely reasons to have made it a runaway.

    thank you!

    on a side note: I still have the original boxed runequest

  2. Actually the setting was quite vague and each player played another's "Shadow" (dark side), that could from time to time control ones actions', thus making the game a bit too complicated...

    But, I'll definitely blog more about the subject!

  3. Oh, and Runequest... I remember browsing through it, but never actually played the thing. Good, isn't it?

  4. I played a Wraith once in a general 'World of Darkness' game. It was with a bunch of student roleplayers in their student union club (I'd gatecrashed looking for gamers). I had great fun when my shadow nature kicked in, although it did mean that I had to spend the rest of the session talking for my life. But that was fun too!

    I've never been a huge fan of WW games (blame Rein-'I've got a dot for a hyphen'-Hagen for that if you like), but I certainly had fun wit my one and only ever game played using their rules. ;)

  5. i got so desperate trying to get others to learn and play Runequest I eventually gave up...... has anyone successfully managed to run something like this online? or could it even be done........

    looking forward to more and thanks again...

  6. Dear Mr. Elderly, you'd be surprised at how many people actually manage(d) to play full-blown organized campaigns. As far as I know, at least two of them are commenting in this very ...er... comments section. As for online games one could use a combination of chat programms with an online dice roller... I do remeber seeing a more elegant way though, but I think it cost money...

    JMCL63, of course you enjoyed Wraith... Exasctly as you should have enjoyed the rest of WoW's line, even though they never featured a Shadow mechanic. Admittedly though WW's rules are just there to help seed up storytelling, and aren't as detailed as the should have been. And sometimes they get to slow to...

  7. (strokes his chin, now thats very interesting....)

  8. we could eventually give it a try I guess...

  9. indeed i was just having the same thought, first i must warp time to allow for 48hr days on the weekend...

  10. Should you accomplish that, mankind would be eternally grateful.

  11. okay it's tuesday now, give me a couple of days....

  12. Take your time. Please...

    I'm sure humanity could wait for another day or two. We have been enduring 24hr Saturdays for millenia... Even a week is nothing compared to that.

  13. indeed 24 hrs pah, 48hrs...pah!

    (spurred on my Gnomes enthusiasm elderly adjusts warper control knob)

    what about a 96 hour day......hows that then!!!,

    give me till Friday, theres a couple of little wrinkles, cellestial pathways and gravitional issues to work out still.....

    (little spouts of steam, rise from the warpers instrumentation panel, the smell of sulphur hangs in the air)

  14. Seems all you neede was some time then Dr. Elderly. Brilliant!

    You are almost there... Ahh, this is going to be one long weekend.

  15. yes yes....too busy now, cant' talk, major instability in the gyroscoptic bominiser stradle bar......wait maybe you can help, whats the domestic wattage from these plug sockets.....I may need to run another.....oh no!....

    (the stradle arms vibrates, loud clunking sounds shake the room...a large cloud of steam fills the room, sparks can be seen shooting to the ceilling......)

  16. Just be careful now... No rush. You have quite a few hours more.

    Ah, what do you propose we do on our long weekend then?

    How about having a look at this:


    (ducks to avoid flying screw)

  17. ......it's failed!.......minutes of planning and building and hard work..

    all for nothing......destroyed

    I pushed it too hard, i should have known it couldn't take the strain, the voltage level i should have checked...

    i didn't......and its all my fault

    I'm sorry Gnome...looks like we're stuck with 24 hr days on the weekend

    but whats this.....fantasy

    You bloody genious you......

  18. :(

    Now, I'll never get to finish my nice Baldur's Gate collection with 200+hrs of gameplay...

    Still, it was worth the try Mr. Elderly, and I 'm sure you'll eventually get it right.

    As for the fantasy thingy, I'm no genious, I'm just sleepy... Oh,dear

  19. (pulls duvet up under gnomes chin)

    I understand gnomey, get some shuteye Baldurs Gate can take it's toll on the exhausted gamer.........

  20. It's already started eating up my (little) free time.. It's nightmarish. dear.

    Oh, dear.


  21. (watches gnomes tiny warrior....)

    it might be time to rest in that inn yonder....two screens back.....

  22. can't... I'm in a f*cked up unmaneuverable dungeon filled with lethal kobolds. damn kobolds. I hate them. all of them.
    Their mothers smelled of edleberries.

  23. (wipes sweat of gnomes forehead)
    gnome run.....go back to the surface, rearm, I hope its not that ........much harder than it should be at this level of the game cave......

    oh god no......gnome use your magic...
    reload your last save point....

    (elderly closes his eyes...)

    I can't watch......

  24. Yeah, me neither... Just ignored the damned dungeon alltogether... Im off to destroy Kobolds...

  25. death to kobloids, screaming freaky b.....s. Oh thte fun, kobloid massacres don't happen every day.....

    (pulls up a chair behind gnome, pops open some popcorn......passes bag to gnome)

    kobloids sneaky mo......rs

  26. They should have died by now... You led me to quite a nice save-editing little program Mr. Elderly.

    I'm off for the Gnolls!

  27. i did? oh yes i did..... (checks website)

    off for gnolls.......hey gnome go easy on the ittle fellows.....watch out for spideys too.....venomous batards.......

    (gets fresh bag of popcorn)

  28. Gnolls keep respawning... No mercy.
    Not a foot back.

    nited we fall!


    Run away!

    (I've only encountered 5 spiders so far...)

  29. maybe it's the time of year, the place was crawling with em the last time i played.. Hate them even more than kobloids...... and hoovering thingies

  30. And High Level mages, If I may add. Quite pesky they are too....

  31. pesky baldurs gate creepies. Ya either love em or bash the hell outta em, with an amazing amount of help from your team.......

  32. Quite... i do believe that starting off as a Bard wasn't the wisest of choices though...

  33. ahhhh from recent memory, you may be right...... though spiders do respond to singing..... if a tad aggresively

  34. And they get all squishy and splashy and admittedly a bit gooey too when finally dead....

  35. and sticky you forgot sticky...

    (elderly shivers..) i hate sticky, if it's anything i hate more...

    though goeey is a sorta sticky isn't it? gooey spludgy or gooey tacky?

  36. Now, I'm all confused...
    ..er.. just nt nice/gooey.

  37. (buys an anti goo potion)


  38. do you guys shut up?