Jul 10, 2006

Museum Monday #22

Monday. Dangerous as a ninja at a failed gamer's party (quite a bit that is), lethal like a lethal thing and with horrible weather, this Monday didn't speak of greatness. Unexpectedly though he/she/it delivered. Not a trip to Jamaica or a DVD chronicling Italy's World Cup triumph, but the most interesting online (thus rather virtual) museum I've ever laid my humble eyes upon.

Behold the greatness of The Home Computer Museum, the only place in cyberspace that contains info on Atari's never released Panther, along with pics and details on dozens -perhaps even more than a hundred- vintage computers. You won't find any pr0n there mind you, but it will definitely be worth your time.

The Acorn BBC Master

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  1. now that is a museum!!! how the hell would you start, where would you store them...where would you put the missus...extraordinary. The absence of pron was indeed unique and Italy won the World cup you say? I was too busy cursing Zidane....

    great find mr.gnome....as we've come to expect.........

  2. Oh, but pease, don't curse Zizou... We all make mistakes, and us gnomes are pretty fond of headbutting people...

    Here have a look at a Materazzi vid:


    Feeling better? Good...

    BTW, I'm really sorry for the absense of pr0n. It's a disgrace, I know.

  3. Yeah - the Atari Panther section was interesting...

  4. Quite... Could have been a fine machine... not.

  5. Materazzi is an acrobatic little kickboxer....indeed mr.gnome that does indeed improve things slightly...thank you..

  6. Welcome Mr. Elderly... I'm glad it heleped!

  7. and the news today is even more upflifting, materazzi's come clean and admitted he insulted Zidane. Par for the course i would have thought, insults during football matches....

  8. It indeed is a man's game...

  9. indeed not for spammers

    (get it! spam..spammers)....

    what!, i'm entitled to an off day....

  10. hoho!


    (enjoy the day off then)

  11. A great find, as usual! This site reminded me of how much I miss my trusty Atari 800XL...I never understood why the C64 ran away with the 8-bit market.

  12. Yes, the 8bit Atari was great. First thing I heard digitized voice on. Quite a feat at the time.

    As for the C64, it was quite powerful, but I believe the cassette thing killed him. It was the era of the disk.

  13. You are so right....with the C64 it was the waiting times, deoxidising your tape heads, getting the tape stuck........ floppies were so much cooler

    (goes to pet the possum)

  14. That's exactly why the Amstrad ruled! Mind you, the PLUS model even took cartridges!

  15. clever design is key, take the media player on the 360 (please.....)

    a winamp clone would have kicked ass, and made the 360 my mp3 player of choice, which its not.......

    functional dosen't stand the test of time......

  16. I quie agree... Take LPs for example.. They'll never die. Not in Europe at least. I guess.

    ..er.. hope...

  17. sfunny all they want to do with them now days is scratch em....i can remember a tim.......

    i'm going on again aren't I...

  18. Yes, and rightly so....

    Who scratched them? Vandals!

    Btw, I a friend's group actually released their first single on vinyl!

    They had to have it produced in Hungary though...

  19. why hungary? you were in a band? you released a song? you sing? play an instrument? drums?

    Can i be a groupie? can I? please?

    (hands gnome a pen......., hands over his treasured autograph tome)

  20. Sorry, it was the keyboard's fault. I didn't mean "I a friend's group", rather just "a friends group". Besides my absolute lack of musical talent is well known and documented...

    As for Hngary, they still produce LPs in this beautiful country...

  21. a keyboard fault? I rushed upstairs to the attic, got my autograph album, i told my friends at work, i met a real life band member..........even told em about the hungarian connection....

    a keyboard fault!

    (thinks for a second....)

    well i guess i don't have a gnome signature.....

    (ponders the moment)

    here would you be so kind to give me your autograph anyway.

    I think you'll be famous someday....

  22. (lowers head in shame)



    I'llgo listen to some Joy Division and get all emo (hopeisemo.com from the askaninja team) and depressed.

    Goodnight cruel world
    goodnight mr. elderly

  23. poor pauvre φτωχός emo

    no gnome don't be sad, it is i that took the that whole mistaken materialistic interlude and used it to glorify myself in front of my friends and for a brief moment it changed my perception of who i really am.....who indeed people really are, you know behind the mask...... i ... i...

    i let you down........ please forgive me.

    (hands gnome emos yoghurt) here i hope this in some way makes up for it........

  24. Ah! Emo's yoghurt!! (it's the real one, isn't it?)

    ...lowers brow...


    Yip, yip.

    Oh..Sorry for the misunderstanding though... My bad. Should have thought... Oh, dear, sorry...



  25. no s'all my fault... I shoulda just waited till you introduced me to your groupies before i said anything at work.......

  26. If you say so....


    Oh, kindest of all!

  27. (wipes some yoghurt offa gnomes beard)

  28. (looks thankfully at elderly)