Jul 22, 2007

Half Life 2 Total Conversion mods

Apparently Half Life 2 is still considered the Best PC FPS ever, even though you've probably played it to death, mastered its many intricacies and failed to be impressed by its banal storyline. Anyway, thing is you still love the shiny little bugger and you'll never stop giving its freeware mods a serious try. Here are a couple lovely total conversion ones...

Dragonball Source, a 200MB mod you can download here, is a well crafted multiplayer mod with RPG elements that will mostly cater to the anime needs of the Dragonball crowds. Nice graphics, a selection between 1st or 3rd person gameplay, cartoony graphics and an excellent King of the Hill version are enough reasons to give it a try.

Paleolithic Revolution (also) focuses on the multiplayer side of gaming, but instead of the far too mainstream anime look goes for the ..uh.. paleolithic one. The mod pits Cro-Magnon versus Neanderthal for the control of some lovely caves, where, interestingly, players can modify the map environment by moving and stacking rocks. For example, a big pile of rocks can be used as a crushing weapon, as shelter or even to build defensive walls. Visit the official site or just download Paleolithic Revolution here.

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  1. When I finished HL2, I was done. I didn't play the mods for it like I did with the original or Quake games. But paleo in particular is making me consider dragging HL2 back out.

    It reminds me of a 360 game with a similar setting that was cancelled last year, and the name is now forgotten.

  2. See? That's why the indies are our hope. Was quite fond of the stones ideamyself. Pretty smart, really.

  3. (stacking stones.... ) bloody hard work though.....

  4. I still need to play my Half Life Dreamcast vapour ware... Love the idea of the cro-magnon patch though...

  5. There's also a sand-building mod you know dear Elderly. Proper for our age....

    Yep, it's pretty neat oh Father, but know that the DC Half Life, besides superior visuals to its ancient PC predecessor, is pretty shit to control and has absolutely horrid loading times.

  6. (out of breath and in agony from a slipped disc and bleeding calousses on his hands........)

    ...a sand building mod..... you tell me this now!!!


    (heads off to sand building mod, by way of chiropractor....)

  7. The chiropractor could do wanders with sand, I believe. Bring him with you.

  8. (on way from chiropractor to intensive care unit......)

    ? well you could have told me when I was at the chiropractors......

    (turns around and crawls back to the chiropractor....)

    we're experiencing a small bit of time lag here aren't we....

  9. It's a paradoxical black hole I believe. Better have something to drink...