Jul 23, 2007

The Player / not your average video gaming mag

Not convinced by the beauty of it yet? But, it's so refreshing, it is. I even had to dedicate 3 hours to listen to Sandinista! again, just to come to grips with its ..uhh.. refreshingness. And it (the magazine, not the record) had tons of naughty bits too. Like the Grim Fandango ones. Or the Sam and Max ones.
Obviously freeware and shockingly in PDF, but I'm afraid, you'll have to download The Player NOW!

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  1. wow! like a splash of cold water in the middle of a heat storm...... no lemon zested, ice cold, spring water.... sprayed from the hose of a riot truck.... only better....

  2. Great find Gnome! I've plattered comments all over the blog, but these guys are so acidic I'm frightened to see the response... Its high time me, you and Elderly created something so relevent...

  3. isn't this a relaunch of another magazine?

    i forget... very nice find though. :D

  4. Wow, the page design is pretty cool. Thanks, gnome.

  5. That's the new site of "play.d", but on previous works(back issues) there is not issue 1, I think the cover was a car !!!

  6. Anti-riot water... It hurtsss usss, prciousss... Then again, see the point and absolutely agree with your age-old wisdom Mr. Elderly.

    Thank you Father. I 'm afraid that actually running a mag is far too demanding though.. Beleive me I tried. Besides, we need a layout artist...

    Yes, Tim, that actually is the brand new and vastly improved play.d mag you're looking at.

    Welcome Roys :)

    Indeed nikola, indeed.

    That would be roughly 14MB dear Chentzilla.

  7. a mag hmmmmm (rubs chin.... chin bleeds) whadda?

    (applies bandaid to chin)

    so we need to find an artist and lay him out..... leave it with me, i'll get back to you...

  8. Just don't hurt him much. It's the law.


  9. no worries, what do you take me for... .(removes bottle of cholorform form jacket pocket....)

    oh you of little faith.... harumph!