Jul 24, 2007

Saboteur 95: The 8-bit Retro Remake

Saboteur was really big during the 8-bit gaming era, and, at least to my mind, it reached almost mythical proportions. It was, you see, a game I first played only a few years ago, but one I kept reading about for over a decade. Surprisingly, it now seems as if the Greek gaming press was -for once- right. Saboteur, still a great game and a very balanced platform, adventure, beat-'em-up hybrid that can be as addictive as any contemporary time-sink, must have been quite a shock of grandeur for ZX Spectrum gamers.

To experience said shock (play an original version of the game, that is) you could grab a free copy from the brilliant World of Spectrum mega-site, but, should you be one of them delicate souls that can't stand true retro colour-clash graphics, you could do worse than download the brilliant freeware Saboteur 95 retro remake.

Saboteur 95 is fully Windows compatible, sports shiny 16-bit 320x200 graphics, 400 rooms, secret areas and a lovely 2D variety of enemies. Oh, and there are CD-covers, patches, maps and a variety of ..uh.. stuff available for it too.

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  1. Wow! That's excellent! Easy to download and very playable!
    Thanks Gnome!

  2. And let's not forget... easy to install too :) Glad you liked it Father. Hope your fith in homebrew/freeware is restored...

  3. If it was all as simple as that it would be! I fully understand that my main problem with homebrew is my technical limitaions...

  4. Wow. I remember a copy I got for my old 386.

    It had horrible graphics and I could not turn off the internal speaker sound until after the intro. *SQUEAL* *squeal8 *SQUEAL* *Swark* *SQUEAL* *squeal* *squeal*

    But the game play was actually pretty cool.

    I liked picking up rocks and sai and throwing them at the guards. And flying in on a hang-glider was uber cool.

    I was never able to get near finishing the game though.

    Good Post.

  5. But, the PC, huh dear Father? Best gaming platform for a reason... everything bloody works..

    Ah, you must be referring to Saboteur II, right dear Caleb? Haven't played it to be honest. Only the premier one and not on a PC... Thanks.

  6. (wearing a balaclava and a black jumpsuit, the mysterious man sneaks up behind Gnomes posts and superglues the link to Gnomes page....
    Jumps out open window.....)


  7. Sabotage!!!

    Oh dear, dear... What are we gonna do now? Hold on. Think I heard something!

  8. (the elderly sabouteur lies motionless in the middle of Gnomes Hydrangea bush.....paralysed from the neck down.....)

    erm.... hello?... can anyone hear me?

  9. What? A talking plant? Where am I? Fangorn? Blimey!

  10. A talking plant?

    Gnome, there is only one cure when plants start talking.

    *takes out petrol can and a butane lighter*

    Now we shall begin the ritual to rid ourselfs of this cursed foliage!

    -And by ritual I mean burning it of course-

  11. Surely Treebeard will be upset... Doesn't enjoy fires an quite frankly I think he is Fangorn...

    Better give it some more thought oh Caleb the pyromaniac...

  12. Hmm... can't remember if I've played this remake or not. Downloading now to aid my memory! :-D


  13. Hey,
    Thanks for covering this game of mine :) I'm happy people still enjoy it. And if you're interested in the cheats password, email me.

  14. You're most welcome dear Alex. Thanks of an excellent retro-remake! Oh, and there's really no need to bother with them passwords. I'm sure our readers will have managed just fine, what with their superhuman gaming abilities.