Jul 25, 2007

Go on, name that casual video game of yours!

You've worked your arse off for 25 whole hours, managed to come up with an ingenious and subtly innovative clone of Bedazzled, ripped a few public domain tunes (or graphics) and are about to conquer the world 20$ a piece, but can't find a proper name for your mega-hit casual game? Well, fret no more dear shovelware developer, for both this and this place will help you come up with a properly pretentious name for your casual masterpiece. You'll be rich in no time!

Warning: The first link will probably even provide you with an idea for a game (in case you opt to walk the wild none-Bedazzled road), thus further minimizing designing time and development costs. You might not have to work at all. Tsk.

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  1. Pron, FPS, Adventure

    "Debbie does, does she"

    okay ripped the mp3's .....

    now the small matter of coding...

    (elderly readies notebook and waits for instructional post from Gnome.... licks pencil...)

  2. Uhm, I'm afraid instructional post might have to wait. The central computer named vacation as top current priority...

    Take care my friend!