Jul 19, 2007

Show the C64 & CPC some retro gaming video love

Time for the good old fashioned blogging video dump, complete with the audio-visual fragrance of nostalgia. Saves me time and provides you, oh most old-fashioned of readers, with a chance to non-interactively enjoy 100 Commodore 64 games (by laffer35) and 10 impressive Amstrad CPC ones (by ukmarkh). All you have to do is think hard enough and the videos above will play. Failing that click on those lovely little play buttons.

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  1. (concentrates really really hard....... get's headache... takes anadin..... clicks video buttings....)

    ...wow how flagarantly uplifting... full of retro cheerfulsomeness... why it's as if i've been drugged.....

    checks anadin capsules.....)

    ooops!!! oh well.....

    (dances in front of computer)

  2. (grabs Elderly's anadins)

    Nice ones. Stop dancing, will you? The retro gods might dislike you...

  3. ..you think!... right
    (sits down....)

  4. What a wonderful couple of videos!
    *FK sits down with Elderly and the two old men share an illicit snort of a strong bottle in a brown paper bag...*

    I'm not crying, I've just got something in my eye...

  5. Why don't you guys sit on the sofa? See, I'll also turn the A/C on and bring some tequilla... Ok?

  6. sniff... rewind that video, i'll get the lemon.... sniff!... must be onion juice in the air....

  7. (opens windows)

    This should help... You're not a vampire per chance are you, right?

  8. vamp!!!! ... shhhhh Gnome don't say that word, remember what happened the last time?

    ...only i can't... but it wasn't good .. as far as I recall...... or was that a film... (sits down to allow blood to flow to his brain....)

  9. Other way, other way...

    (makes sure Elderly is not sitting down on his head)

    Now, can't recall something, really. Do remember a nurse though.. Whatever happened to her?

  10. dont' know.. nurse never heard of her... nope not me.. maybe it was another elderly person...

    ...I mean what business could I possibly have with an ogre nurse..

    Doh!!!! (slams hand against forehead...)