Apr 9, 2007

Thousands of free RPG Character Sheets

The amount of free stuff leisurely strolling around the Internet is so absolutely impressive it feels anti-capitalist. Surely, then, a rose will appear on Blanqui's Parisian tomb every time a fellow RPGer downloads one of the 3000+ free character sheets (covering over 250 game systems) from the brilliant RPG Sheets website.

Roleplaying systems covered include a multitude of d20 and Dungeons & Dragons variations, GURPS, Call of Cthulhu, White Wolf's Storytelling games, Rifts, Games Workshop wargames, Shadowrun, Paranoia and even such cult classics as Toon or Trinity. Oh, and do expect to find non character sheety downloads like NPCs, riddles and nifty magic items.

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  1. The internets: not all serious business. Some stuff is free!

  2. Anti-Capitalist freeware? Yes please! You know Gnome between us, I reckon we could inspire the gaming proletariat to seize the means of production and... Well you know the rest. If only our American cousins knew what a pair of hard line Trotskyists we are...
    Viva la revolucion!
    LOL! ;)

  3. Well dear ross, in a way everything is free ;)

    Wow, father, haven't been called a Trotskyists for quite some time now. Ah, the memories. The greek branck of the SWP. Ahhh, but they were wankers sadly.

    Anyway. Where have we stashed the weapos?

  4. great find Gnome, if your heading awasy any weekend I can alwasy look after that magic search wand you use....

  5. Well, I guess you could, but unfortunately dear friend I'm usually bringing it along as it doubles as a very handy sex toy...

  6. ..damn... (puts on tinfoil hat....)

    foiled again...

  7. (every conscious of making some money....elderly takes of his foil hat, looks at it.. looks at Gnome...)

    ..do you know, we could sell these.... whadda ya think?

  8. I think such an idea would definitely get us ceremonialy sodomized. Better not...

  9. ...okay right.. (shifts uncomfortably on his seat...) better not then....

    sigh!... one day we'll find our crock of gold....

  10. And then we'll sell it for money and be rich, right? Right?

  11. ...daaaaa yesss!.... rich beyond our wildest dreams... har har Harrrrrr!!
    filthy stinking richhhhhhheeee...

  12. and financially secure too...