Apr 1, 2007

Lone Wolf solo RPGs gone digital

The Download Munkey, the young(-ish) but rather excellent gaming blog that has already given us a couple of freeware Warhammer 40k PDFs, quite a few Star Wars wallpapers and some wacky Gundam papercrafts, has just unearthed the mother of all freebies: Project Aon. The ultimate and very freeware online Lone Wolf gamebooks stash. A place that will cater to your every solo RPG gaming whim, both in Spanish and in English, in html and downloadable formats, for better or worse. Also, the hardcore and the hopelessly nostalgic will be pleased to learn that Project Aon is the cyber home of The Magnamund Companion, the illustrated guide to the world of Magnamund, the setting of the Lone Wolf RPGs.

Just to make sure your nostalgic gamebook fetish is fully satisfied though, let me throw in a link to the Gamebooks Collection of the esteemed Home of the Underdogs. Expect tons of gaming PDFs including the complete Legends of Skyfall, Falcon, Eternal Champions and Demonspawn series, many Sherlock Holmes gamebooks, Knightmare, Star Challenge and 2000AD: Diceman. Take that, you bloody productivity monster!

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  1. I love game books, though it's a rather old news item. ;)

    I'm sure a lot of people don't know about the gamebook collection and project aon, so it's good to see them mentioned here again! :D

  2. Love gamebooks too dear Tim, though admittedly I hadn't heard of Project Aon till very recently. :)

  3. Blue Gnome4/4/07, 5:05 AM

    browses through the link WOW! Great stuff. I never thought about even looking for the game books online. Does make sense that it would be there (as most everything else is when you think about it and look for it). Never read that series of books. Think I had the Greyhawk Adventure series... goes and starts rummaging through the five bookcases...

  4. Greyhawk Adventure series? Interesting... Never heard of them, you know. Where they solo-games too? Oh, and Greyhawk as in TSR's Greyhawk?

    Five bookcases.... Lucky you. I have 'em lying around on th floor... Heh.

  5. elderly looking person wearing a hoody4/5/07, 3:21 AM

    (sneaks in takes printer cartridge from Gnomes printer... sneaks out...)

  6. (enter franzy mode, destroys obsolete printer, drools all over the place, and fixes tea)

  7. elderly looking person wearing a hoody4/8/07, 3:36 PM

    what the f@~@$ just happened....

    (feels remorse for Gnome.. tip toes back in leave printer cartridge beside remains of printer.... sips tea.... leaves)

  8. After a bit of searching, I see that the Greyhawk Adventures were not a "choose your own" type. Now I'm a bit confused as to what I thought I had read back in the day.

    And going through the five bookcases did not turn up the books I was looking for. I think a trip back to the parentage is in order to see if any remaining books are still there.....

  9. Probably will be like a trip on (a Beholder, Hydra & Orc infested) memory lane. Good luck with finding greyhawk and unravelling the mystery of what it was you were actually playing... :)