Apr 1, 2007

Sam & Max episode 5: Reality 2.0 review

I'm almost sleeping as I type this, oh patient readers, but I really feel a gnome's got to do what a gnome's got to do. So, here's why only walkthroughs but no reviews of Sam and Max Season 1 episodes have appeared at Gnome's Lair so far: they're being posted (well, most of them actually, others make it to Adventure Lantern or Independent Gaming) over at the excellent Siliconera blog. Same thing goes with the Sam and Max Episode 5: Reality 2.0 review by yours truly. Read it here.

Oh, and while I'm preparing the Reality 2.0 walkthrough, know that episode 5 is another great S&M episode and the first one having the psychotic duo destroying the Internet. It also is the biggest and more complex game of the series yet. Not the funniest one though. Graphics are pretty smart too, mind you. Wow, just micro-reviewed the thing...
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  1. Very nice post. I have still yet to try anything Sam & Max but I can assure you, just so Gnome doesn't get angry, that I will probably do so before I die... Great review too.

  2. Why, dear ross, you could try those lovely free demos Telltale is offering... Thanks for the kind words too. Blushing stuff really.

  3. (tip toes in while Gnome sleeps, photographs draft reality 2.0 walkthrough leaves quietly....)

  4. (the old thief accidentaly sets the most murderous of the Lair's traps off)

    Oh my, what a mess... Tsk.

  5. (a neatly type will falls from the ill fated thiefs body... it reads...)

    I leave everthing I have to Gnome

    the elderly

  6. Jolly good! I'll get married and produce a gnome army! Wow! A coffe machine! RIP elderly...

  7. RIP elderly....!!!!

    is that all you have to say.. you just murdered a web buddy, who left you his entire estate... and you say rip elderly....


    (answers phone....) yes i know... yes not get involved, i know, yes.. i'm a narrator, but... but... (hangs up phone)


    ..unfortunately for the Gnome, the Will had not been signed, and dreams of world domination faded..

  8. Bah! There goes the coffee machine...