Apr 10, 2007

PSX: The Free Guide to the Sony Playstation

But first, to make sure the title is as clear as it gets: I'm not referring to the Playstation 3 and what you are about to get yourselves for free is a PDF and not a proper physical book, even though it still is a lovely unabridged digital version of PSX: The Guide to the Sony Playstation, a brilliant book that can be bought for less than 30$.

On to the freebie itself then, which, as the more cunning among the Lair reading crowds and those that actually do bother with introductory paragraphs, must have already gathered, is none other than the 142 pages long 100% freeware (freely distributable, too) PDF version of PSX: The Guide to the Sony Playstation. All you have to do is follow this link and (very quickly, very simply) register with the interestingly named Lulu to get your copy. As for the book's official webpage, well, it can be accessed here.

PSX: The Guide to the Sony Playstation, mainly a hardcore collectors guide listing every US Playstation (PS One) game ever released complete with suggested used/new prices and SLUS codes (thus a very handy ebook for Retro Treasures hunters), also offers a brief history of the PSX development and retail history, descriptions of the more popular games, a photo of Miyamoto playing Crash Bandicoot, info on the prototype SNES CD, a discussion of Sony's idea for a mascot and images of early PSX consoles & dev kits. And in case you 're still wondering if it's worth the mere 15MB download, let me tell you it's an absolutely essential retro gamer's freebie, it is.

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  1. Woo. Well spotted Gnome.


  2. You're most welcome! You know, I can spot a bird at 5 miles, dont you? On a good day of course.

  3. hi gnome... give me a minute....


    lulu said "hi back at cha...."

  4. - and + on a Sony controller!!! *gasp!* They copied Nintendo!!

    (The swines!)