Apr 7, 2007

Proper SEGA Dreamcast emulation

Ahh, yes, the SEGA Dreamcast mentioned one more time... Lovely. Only this time, it's PC owners with retro gaming tendencies that should be more appreciative of this humblest of posts, as it's not about any newly announced Dreamcast shmup, homebrew game or the latest version of ScummVM DC. No, not at all. It's about having the Dreamcast properly emulated on your PC. It's about the release of nullDC v.1.0.0, the best freeware Dreamcast emulator mankind has ever known.

You can freely download nullDC here and expect it to run many commercial games, but know that you will also need the Dreamcast bios and flash files (dc_bios.bin and dc_flash.bin). If you own an actual console, here's how to extract said files. Otherwise, a nice google search will definitely come in handy. Oh, and don't forget to rename dc_bios.bin to dc_boot.bin, for such are the whims of nullDC.

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  1. truly outstanding.....

    you are the Gnome

  2. slackogamer4/8/07, 5:12 PM

    SEGA should have continued producing consoles !!!

    They were great !

    ~a sega fan :P

  3. Indeed dear slackogamer, and something tells me not many will disagree...

  4. (checks id card, looks in mirror...)

    nope you are THE gnome...

  5. Then you must be THE Elderly!


    Nice to meet you Sir.

  6. I haven't got a bloody clue what you're on about but you mentioned the Dreamcast and 'emulation'.


  7. no i insist im more delighted to meet you...

    (shows script to FK...see at on this line Gnome expressed his humility and the elderly served a curve ball back over to gnome who had to stretch to take it back off the base line... )

  8. Does anybody know where i can download the dc_boot.bin and dc_flash.bin files from, My Dreamcast is finished, thats why i need the emulation

  9. You could try searching over at youtorrent.com. Or I guess googling the files.