Apr 8, 2007

U.K. White Dwarf #328: Short and late

Short and late, which of course doesn't necessarily have to refer to the latest White Dwarf issue. It could for example describe this review. Or gnomes in general. Then again, you're smart little miniature painting boys and girls, so I guess I'll let you figure it out all by yourselves.

Now, regarding the latest UK WD, number 328 no less, well, you shouldn't really buy it, unless of course you are a weird all out Eldar Harlequins fan, own GW stocks, are impressively rich or are interested in any of the following, which apparently are the only decent articles/bits the mag has to offer (carefully distilled and presented here for your wargaming money-saving pleasure):

-The Eldar Harlequin designer's (well, sculptor's really) notes and a rather one sided Battle Report versus a Chaos Space Marines force for the Warhammer 40k and Eldar groupies.

-Jervis Johnson's Standard Bearer briefly but in the most interesting of ways discussing GW history while showcasing some retro Citadel minis.

-Solid, though not extensive, tactical advice for shooting in Warhammer and using the bad guys in general in Lord of the Rings.

-Ads on the forthcoming almost decently priced Orcs and Goblins and Dwarfs army box sets and pics of the plastic Black Orcs and Dwarf Miners.

-Lots of obvious info on the new Citadel Foundation Paints that are just too aptly named to describe and are showcased down to their surprisingly not particularly interesting pots.

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  1. You must be owning GW stock to have every issue of White Dwarf to review ;)

  2. Hmmm... well, that or embark on ridiculous scavenger hunts around Athens to track the issues down... :)

  3. Is it just me, or is GW going downhill?
    Anyway, thanks Gnome for jet another enlightening review. I, amongst other people, do not have enough money to get disappointed first hand.

  4. GW is definitely going the wrong way... Far too many price-rises and constantly dropping WD quality... Be wise Nikola, don't buy.

  5. ....right thats it, im going to go down to my local bookshop and walk right past the white dwarf copies....
    i wont' even glance at em...

    that'll teach em.....

  6. You could try farting at their general direction too, you know...

  7. One day you're going to have to sit me down and explain all this RPG board game playing stuff. I just don't get it. The only thing I can relate to on this subject is the highly amusing video that you posted a while back that was taking the p--s out of RPG types. Yep, the hand paintable characters are sweet but DUDE! We need to map this mofo out or else I'm gonna be forever befuddled...

  8. Hmmm... guess I'll try writing a "What's an RPG" piece then followed by an intro to wargaming... Just don't expect them very soon dear father.

    Now, regarding RPGs, you can think of them as radio theatre in which one player directs the show/plot and every other player is playing a character, but following rules...

    Any clearer, now?

  9. (checks "mofo" in the dictionary.....)

    coagulated soya milk?

    (considers what Fk would want to map soy curds....luckily the medicine kicks back in.....)

    i'll make some tea....

  10. Good, I could use a hot herbal shower...

  11. i refuse to stand on the coffee table pouring hot tea over you again.... there are places for that...

    erm.... tea rooms for example

  12. Really big ones apparently. Brilliant.

  13. ..indeed... i wonder how much a shower of tea would cost... i'll check the menu...

    (reads menu.....)

    ...their doing an Earl Grey special for 50 yo yos... not bad...

  14. And way more enjoyable than an average Wii game I presume. earl Grey. Ahhh, a touch of class indeed.

  15. ..right i'll book us in for a tea shower and sauna......