Apr 9, 2007

Museum Monday #53

Monday. Well, (very) early Monday morning to be precise, and as I'll hopefully be sleeping for the duration of the worst part of day, here's a Museum Monday that builds upon last Monday's MM Nintendo Museum post. It's a pretty interesting Nintendo Museum (shock! horror!) video featuring a rather irritating narrator, a very informative Nintendo Dream mag employee and a ton of retro gaming treasures going all the way back to the 19th century. [via engadget, via DS Fanboy]
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  1. (points to screen....)


  2. Irritating, am I? It was either I narrate with emotion and vary my tonality, or get accused of recording another boring, monotonous voice over. I'd rather be "irritating" and have you watch the whole eight minutes (guess I can't be THAT irritating if you watched the whole thing, eh?), than be boring and have you skip the last five minutes.

    -"Governor Watts" on YouTube.

  3. (gnome turns into a self mutilating flagellant and answers)

    Well, uhm, ok... not THAT irritating really. Just sort of disliked the gang joke. And bits of the narration. But you're right. It definitely wasn't boring. Not even a tiny bit. And only slightly irritating.

    heh. Ahem. Right.

  4. WOW! Holy Guacemole!

    I thought the video was very interesting and not at all irritating! GASP!

    Daniel told you off Gnome!
    LOL! Whoops! You see how influential and relevent the Lair has become?

    Famous types are checking out your reviews! I need a Gnome interview for the SJY!

    LOL! Go Gnome! You rock you Greek God!

  5. I'd look lovely as a God of War, wouldn't I? Influential? well not really dear FK. More like irritable, really ;)

  6. (points to screen)

    Governor Watts......

    (the medicine start to wear off...)

  7. ..points to screen...