Jan 18, 2007

Enter (feed, even) the Dragon 32/64

Compared to the rather pop and massively remembered 8-bit home computers of yore, the Dragon 32 or 64 does feel slightly obscure. Then again it was never quite popular, even back in 1982 when it first hit the stores featuring a proper keyboard and a processor (Motorola's MC6809E) almost running at 1MHz.

Still, the Dragon, by Dragon Data no less, was a fine Welsh computer, sporting an impressive OS and BASIC, lots of professional programs (like Publisher) and programming languages, and even a few great games. AstroBlast, Return of the Ring, Jet Set Willy (of course), Chuckie Egg, Joust and Airball were some of the best. For those gamers either nostalgic or curious enough to game the Dragon way, Xroar, the free Dragon 32/64 and Tandy CoCo emulator should be quite a treat.

Other interesting Dragon-related things to click on include the History of the Dragon Computer, the Dragon Archive, the Dragon Data Archive, some tech and documentation stuff and Dragon 32 @ Vintage Computers. Better click them then...

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  1. It's Welsh and has Jet Set Willy?
    I'm fecking sold! Scouring eBay now!

  2. ... it's all coming back to me now, through the mists of memory altering amphetamines..... indeed 1982-1985 was a blur until now..... thank you...... 1978-1982... is still a complete blank......

  3. That is feckin ugly... and no I won't be getting one.

    I will be buying a PS3 before I get this.

  4. Well, Father, any luck yet? Sure you can handle them horrid loading-times?

    I'm pretty sure that blank is better than a blur, so ...uhm... you 're very welcome Mr. Elderly. 1982-1985.... Damn hadn't even made it to highschool at the time...

    Deitrix, I do believe you're over-valueing the PS3. The Dragon is indeed a Dragon.

  5. sometimes i forget how old i am.... then i remember.....


  6. A wise decision...

    (drinks also)

  7. (wears silly pizza-making hat, answers phone)

    (takes order in)

  8. (ponders the brevity of life, eats large pizza slice....)

    ...I though we ordered chinese?

  9. Nono... We ordered welsh pizza... My impressive memory couldnt have failed me...

  10. no i paricularily remembering pressing the wan-ton key on the phone dial..... unless of course... you dont' suppose..

    nah forget it im just being paranoid, no doubt im mistaken.... only

    (points at soya sauce sachet....)

  11. Now, who would use soya sauce on a pizza? And what are those spring rolls doing here?

    Hmm... Let me light my pipe and think...

  12. (watches gnome raise pipe to his mouth, naked chinese waitress enters and lights gnomes pipe.... bows... leaves.....)

    well any ideas?

  13. Quite a few really. Sadly none food related... Still... there's a definite Chinese scent to my thoughts...

  14. I want one soooood bad - already have a spectrum zx, c64, kc-85 (gdr computer)