Dec 26, 2006

The HiSaturn Navi

Now, that's one for the Saturn Junkyard: the HiSaturn Navi, a ridiculously expensive SEGA Saturn, GPS navigation system, Karaoke, LCD portable device (sold separately) and MPEG player combo by none other than Hitachi.

The machine -amazingly difficult to find, as days of ebay, amazon and even google searching have proved- is as elusive as ...uhm... something particularly elusive, and even if great Cthulhu decided to grant you one, you might have to pay something close to 2000$. You would then of course get one of the rarest consoles of video gaming history and a fully working example of the best gaming tech 1995 had to offer (provided of course Gabriel Knight II wasn't your kind of game). Rumor has it, that only 2000 pieces of the console were produced and that the GPS actually worked!

Anyway, to learn more about the quirky HiSaturn Navi have a look here for the most comprehensive article to ever grace the web. More pictures of said sleek beast can be found here and here. Oh, and do give this link a try too...

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  1. ...handy though, least you always knew whose house you singing so badly in ......

  2. Hey, I got one of those for Christmas!

    ...not. Maybe Tom did...

  3. Twasn't me Elderly.. really... Ross did it... with his pretend christma gift from the mid-nineties...

  4. Holy fucking shit!!!!

    Is this real? Jesus, quite frankly the most delicious looking thing I have ever seen! Is this a real device or has someone cobbled this together using 'photo shop'?

    If it's real then it has become my Holy Grail! It will be mine, oh yes! IT WILL BE MINE!!!!

    Lifting this immediately for the Saturn Junkyard...

  5. I knew you'd like this dear Father... And yes. It'svery real but extremely rare... And expensive... Didn't manage to find anything on ebay or amazon or froogle or even the Hitachi website...

    Anyway. Good luck!

  6. only 2,000 made...

    Perhaps one of the top rarest ten Sega products ever?

    Does it have a voice that tells you when to turn?

  7. What is this "SEGA" thing you speak of?

    *rc ducks*

  8. I have no room for that in my vehicle.. Its the size of an original xbox..!

    Maybe they will make one smaller just for me..?? At a discount cause its smaller... ;) ;)

  9. Caleb, even though I 'm not quite sure, I'd say that the guidingvoice is a pretty contemporary feature...

    (gnome slaps rc with a trout named SEGA... then offers tea and biscuits)

    (Hands key-chain HiSaturn to Deitrix)

  10. I don't think that could even fit in my car. Going over speed humps with that thing in your car is going to cause massive damage.

  11. A most wise remark oh J! Happy 2007 too.

  12. Happy '07 Gnome!! *waves*

  13. *waves back*

    Can I offer you some tequila-tea hybrid dear festive J?

    Happy 2007 everyone!