Jan 1, 2007

There goes 2006...

Tsk, tsk. Who would have thought?


Hopefully though 2007 will turn out to be a decent year. An improvement of sorts. On the other hand, mankind can be pretty sure that 2007 will definitely be another year added to the always interesting life of the still young and perky SEGA Dreamcast. You know, the console you should definitely own. The shmup playing wonder and home of the legendary Shenmue games, that accidentally doomed SEGA hardware.

You see, oh brave and apparently numerous Dreamcast fans, according to racketboy, another brand new shoot 'em up, besides the already released Under Defeat and the forthcoming Last Hope (read an interview on it here), should be hitting the Dreamcast scene in 2007: Karous. A game with a Japanese official site and nice YouTube promo.

Anyway. Enjoy 2007!

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  1. Gnome you love! Fancy starting 2007 by flagging up new Dreamcast games! Wow! 2D shmups! They all look great and a bit like a late DC favourite of mine... Gunbird 2!

    Happy New Year! ...and how was your time on the Atlas mountains communing with those Ancient Greek Gods? Did you say hi to Zeus for me? He's always been my number one ancient mediterranean deity...

  2. Nintendo need to suck some Sega executive willy to get a couple of DreamCast games on the Virtual console. Or even just have some of 'em be released.


    Why is there no love for Chu Chu rocket!? That game would rock on DS. Why won't Sega think about the Chu Chu and the little rocket!? *breaks down and cries*

  3. J you're so right!
    Chu Chu rocket DS!...

    But wait! Caution Seaman DS! All the ingredients are there... Come on!

    I'll forego all royalties to see this happen! Fuck Nintendogs! How about an irreverent, rude, cynical Fishman to be raised and then pour scorn upon your sorry ass...

    Oh the humanity!

  4. Father Krishna... Knew you'd fancy some good Dreamcat news... Mind you, racketboy 's got quite a few surprises over at his blog.

    Oh, and it was hardly Atlas mountains but I did have a great time indeed. Zeus say hi. Hera wishes you (and us) a happy 07. Aphrodite is soon gonna give you a call...

    J, that would be an excellent idea... Now, the only way to implement it is by taking over both firms.

    Ans Seaman DS? Yes!

  5. (dreamcastless and Wiiless and abstaining from alcohol, elderly makes the tea....)

  6. (sneezing and coughing gnome drinks tea and deeply thanks elderly)

  7. Happy New Year Gnome. Keep up the good work with the blog :)

  8. The same to you dear Tahir! Keep up the retro and have a great '07...

  9. (makes a lem sip for Gnome.......)

  10. (sips lem)

    That's nice. Got more?

  11. (moves lem sip crate to the center of the room............)

    i'll put on the kettle, you just settle back... we'll have you poisoned with paracetamol in no time at all......

  12. Great! I'll go tell me mum. She'll be proud of me. Again!