Jan 2, 2007

Sam & Max: Season 1 - Situation: Comedy Walkthrough

[Yes, another excellent and -this time- fully unedited Sam and Max Walkthrough by Tim the Excellent of Independent Gaming fame. The original version of the walkthrough can be found here, while a walkthrough of S&M Episode 1 cosily rests here.]

Disclaimer: This is a walkthrough. A walkthrough of the Sam & Max Season 1 - Situation: Comedy adventure game by Telltale. You will thus find neither porn nor porns here. No. You'll only find a way to beat this (already pretty easy) game.


1. Exit the office and head for Bosco's convenience store.

2. Quit the conversation with Bosco.

3. Try to grab the SHAVING CREAM on the table to your right.

4. Exit the store and chase after the skinbodies in your car.

5. To stop the skinbodies, click on the gun icon on the bottom left of the

6. Watch for a manhole which appear periodically in the middle of the road.

7. Shoot at the skinbodies to make them swerve into the manhole.

8. Timing is important, you need to get it just right to retrieve the

9. Now head for the TV studio.

At the TV studio

Easter Egg - A prop from the Bone: The Great Cow Race makes an appearance.

1. Talk to the director.

2. Ask about what she's doing, then request for an audition.

3. When the audition starts, use the SHAVING CREAM on Sam.

4. Next, use the TEAR GAS GRENADE LAUNCHER on Max.

5. After passing the audition, use the sitcom door to enter the next room.

6. During the conversation, tell the director to start taping.

7. Grab the LAMPSHADE and put it on the cow's head.

8. Featherly will enter the room, answer 'Our chef.'

9. Grab the PLATE from the table on your right.

10. Use the PLATE on the cowpie to trigger the next question.

11. Answer 'Moo Goo Gai Pan, a delicious food', when asked.

12. Max will deliver his line and Sam will receive the MIDTOWN COWBOYS CLIP.

13. Use the door on the left to meet the Soda Poppers again.

14. Head right and grab PEEPER'S LYRICS from the top of the apple crate.

15. Move right again and use the game show door.

16. Sam and Max will converse with Hugh Bliss automatically.

17. Ask Hugh to perform a magic trick, then state green.

18. Now ask Hugh for a group PHOTO together with Sam and Max.

19. End the conversation with Hugh.

20. Click on the left podium to start the game show.

21. Grab the CARDS from the podium on the right.

22. Now use PEEPER'S LYRICS on the card slot.

23. Click on the podium to your left again to start the game show.

24. Answer the easy question to earn yourself a million food stamps.

25. Head back into the Midtown Cowboys set.

26. Use the cooking show door which is located to your right.

27. Click on the pot, pan, plate or bowl to start cooking.

28. Choose to make a CAKE.

29. Select any ingredient (minimum one), then click on the oven icon.

30. You'll now have the CAKE in your possession.

31. Head out of the TV studio and drive back to the office.

32. Enter Sybil's place.

33. Give Sybil the PHOTO and she will print the newspaper.

34. Grab a copy of ALIEN LOVE TRIANGLE TIMES, just outside the store.

35. Enter the store and ask Bosco to sell you the VOICE MODULATOR.

36. Pay using your FOOD STAMPS.

37. Head right, then use the CAKE on the condiments.

38. Condiments are located under the Not'chos poster.

39. Head back to the TV studio.

Embarrassing Idol

1. Give Whizzer the CAKE WITH KETCHUP ICING. He will leave the set.

2. Use the VOICE MODULATOR on Sam, then use the microphone to sing.

3. You will win all votes from the remaining judges.

4. The director will award Sam a RECORDING CONTRACT.

5. Now you have the CONTRACT, CLIP and NEWSPAPER required to see Myra.

6. Enter the game show set and use the talk show door on the right.

7. Ask for permission to be on the show during the conversation with Myra.

8. Tell her about the CONTRACT, CLIP and NEWSPAPER in your possession.

9. She will then allow Sam and Max to be on her show.

10. Tell Myra that you would rather relive your Embarrassing Idol glory.

11. You will now get a chance to access your inventory.

12. Use the VOICE MODULATOR on Sam, then quickly use the BANJO.

13. Talk to Myra about the picture in the Times after the cutscene.

14. Tell her that someone else was involved as well.

15. Choose Bessy the Cow when quizzed about it.

16. Watch the ending!

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  1. I know you told us not to expect any pron but

    "Moo Goo Gai Pan"

    looks pretty porny to me.....

  2. gnomey-

    I jotted down a walkthrough while I played through Blackwell Legacy. If it's the kind of thing you'd like to add to your blog, I can email it to you. Let me know.


  3. It's the Moo right? I knew it would turn people on... Silly Telltale. Sorry for the letdown though... You see, Mr. Elderly, this is a pure family product :(

    Vince, thanks a ton! Happy New Year... Oh, I just mailed you...

  4. no it were not a let down, i filter many things for porny content.. keep a collection of.... erm delete them immediately from my hard drive....

    (sips from a glass of water....)

  5. I on the other hand always filter but never delete porns.... Oh and fo god's sake get yourself (at least) a beer... It's irritating. Here are some saussages to help you drink it...

  6. eats sausages........ (reaches for beer..... resists.......)

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  7. Anything without porn or pron stops me from exploring further..
    Tell me it's got one of either...

  8. Anything without porn or pron stops me from exploring further..
    Tell me it's got one of either...
    Sam and Max... my sister in law and nephew have those names... Don't know where I'm going here...
    I'm watching the Dirty Sanchez movie with the two Biggest Gingers... Anything goes...

  9. Can't say there's any pron here.. Move along please...

    Nice effective cream that...


  10. Thank you for the guide.

  11. That was a really good walkthrough, helped me through the annoying part with myra. that Bla-bla-bla was making me crazy ! :D thanks man !

  12. Why, thank you kind anonymous :)