Jan 2, 2007

Zelda, Wolf-Link and Dog-Thor

Ah! The brilliance of Zelda Twilight Princess. The sheer silliness of the following (quite Spanish) video. The incomprehensible brain of mustachioed dogs... Amazing, just amazing. Funny too.

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  1. This video always makes me chuckle. ;) Gotta love that dog.

  2. Quite a silly little beast really...

  3. lol.....

    couldn't figure out what the dog was saying... is there a subbed version?

    Happy New Year! mr.Gnome

  4. Happy New Year Mr. Elderly.

    I'm afraid though this is the most understandable version released. There's a dubbed one too, but it totally misses the point methinks.

  5. having watched it again I get a sense the dog is portraying a sense of longing and lonelines... set adrift from the virtual world of Zelda, his gaming little canine heart is resonating his loss.... subtitles would have ruined it....

  6. Perceptive and wise as always Mr. Elderly. Still, I just found the subtitle-pack... Guess we wont be using it though... Damn... All this pirating work for nought...

  7. im sorry for putting you to so much trouble, i had become lazy expecting the parable to be explained to me in minute detail.... i have erred for that I will offer myself up...

    (takes out broad sword, places it in the broad sword entrail extraction holder..........)

    awaiting your command my lord......

  8. God! Put that damn dog down! it's sat on a drawing pin and is too Goddamned lazy to get off... and I'm an animal loving vegetarian for feck's sake...

  9. Uhm... Brave Sir Elderly, just go make yerself a cup of tea. Will you? Please? Ah. That's better now. Gimme the blade... Thanks

    FK. Ok. Don't worry. I handled it...

  10. ...but Gnome... but.... (tears well in the old mans eyes at the Gnomes generosity......)

    thank you, future generations will thank you ... you just sit right there i'll make you the best cup of tea you've ever tasted.......

    (walks across room to hand Gnome his broad Sword.... trips and impales himself up to the hilt on the blade........)


  11. Tsk, tsk...

    I've told you to be careful 100 times haven't I? But oh no, you wouldn't listen... Now look at you.


    Wait. I'll get the shovel...