Oct 21, 2006

Sam & Max: Season 1 - Culture Shock Walkthrough

[This walkthrough is a mere edited version of Tim’s spoiler free version, that’s happily located here. Disclaimer: the previous here was a here @ Independent Gaming.]

Some humble words of wisdom (a definite oxymoron) before we begin: Sam and Max: Season 1 - Culture Shock is a brilliant game. It’s also rather easy, thus making a walkthrough mostly unnecessary. Unless of course you get horribly stuck, in which case your frustation might force you to use one (a walkthrough, that is) for your nirvana's sake. Anyway, only allow yourself to peek at this walkthrough twice, and don’t forget to try everything that isn’t mentioned here, just to enjoy the game's mostly hilarious responses. Mind you, what’s included is only what's absolutely essential to finishing the game.


In the amazingly 3D office

Oh dear, a rat’s got your phone. And he wants some bloody Swiss cheese. The nerve! Grab the Boxing Glove, grab the Bowling Ball, open the closet door, use Sam’s gun to shoot the cheese, take a piece of the now-Swiss Cheese and place it near the rat hole.

The pesky little rodent will go for it and end up being interrogated. During the conversation start off with Sam’s threats, cunningly switch to Max’s, and when the rat complains about his headache switch back to Sam to ask about said headache. Mr. Jimmy Two Teeth will inadvertently reveal his weakness (that’s.. uhm… heights). Click on Max’s portrait and select the “hang out to dry option”. Nice work. Got your phone back. Leave the place, preferably by clicking on the door.

Bringing justice to celebrity vandals

Better start by gearing up. Go to Bosco’s. Talk to Bosco the slightly paranoid and security-obsessed shop owner. Ask him about the munchkin terrorist, then say you've got it. Tell him you want to buy something, ask him what he's got, then about the item behind the counter. Now you’ll want the Tear Gas Launcher, he’ll want 10,000$. Easy.

Leave the shop, head left and grab the Spray Paint from the car behind the DeSoto. Hop into the DeSoto to drive around and pull a few poor motorists over. Enjoy. Now, click the gun icon and shoot a car’s taillights. Enjoy. Click on the megaphone and actually pull someone over. The motorist’s offence is obvious: hideously broken taillight! Get the Bag of Money, head back to Bosco’s and get yourself a nice tear Gas Launcher (of sorts). Enjoy.

Now, to apprehend the irritating terrorist. Take the piece of Cheese next to Bosco. Head left and use the bathroom. Quickly place the Cheese into the kid's basket before he exits the bathroom. The security system will handle the rest. Exit the (in-)convenience store.

Head left, past your office and enter Sybil's lot. Exhaust all conversation topics or end it outright. It really doesn’t matter and I don’t really care. This isn’t the real Sybil. It’s another of them former brat stars. Open the closet door to release the real Sybil. Good. Ask Sybil (the real one and not Peepers trying to be a she) about “charges”, then about what Sam and Max can do to help. Obviously use your new Onion Tear Gas launcher on Peepers and then quickly hit him with the Boxing Glove. Sweet. The ensuing cutscene will reveal a method to cure hypnosis. Now, do as I tell you and leave Sybil's office.

Return to the (in-) convenience store and click on Whizzer to wake him up. Exit the inconvenience store.

And now, it being down to the last foe, it’s graffiti time. Three cheers for Art then! Use the Spray Paint on the graffiti just outside Sam and Max's office building (it might be obscured by the staircase). Head back to the illustrious S&M office and look out of the window by clicking on it. Drop the BOWLING BALL from your inventory on Specs' head. Head back down and click on Specs (who is unconscious) to cure him.

A chase sequence will ensue. It’s slightly arcadey, but fun and easy. Just avoid all the videos thrown out of the van to close the distance. The trick is to trail the van. When it swerves left or right just follow its direction. Stay right behind it to avoid all boxes, even when it's far away. When you're close enough, click on the gun icon and shoot at the tyres. The van will stop and you, oh most racing player, will learn about the mastermind's hideout.

Towards the end…

Nice place. Shame it’s all locked up. Grab an Admission Form from the stash located next to the ticket booth. Enter the lovely DeSoto and safely head for the office. Enter Sybil's place and show her the Admission Form, then end the conversation. Examine the Symptoms Form and note down all three symptoms (they may vary from game to game). Talk to Sybil again and get some free psychoanalysis.

Take the inkblot test first.

Answer five questions with the best description that matches the first symptom.

Pennies on the eyes of a dead mime (money)
A pair of oxen boxing in a rowboat
Susan Lucci holding an Emmy (fame)
The results of the last time I let Max drive
A bunch of bacteria playing basketball
Pigeons on a the marquee at Mann's Chinese Theater (fame)
An SUV crashing into an opulent mansion (money)
The St. Valentine's Day massacre

A squirrel that got run over twice
My uncle Louie's moth-eaten wallet (money)
Coded love notes from space aliens
An autograph written in Braille (fame)

Elephants at the New York stock exchange (money)
A cheering crowd of lanky albinos (fame)
The exhaust manifold of a bread truck
Twenty nuns with machine guns.

That blotchy thing a flashbulb does to your eyes (fame)
An orangutan escaping from the trunk of a DeSoto
A war between two teams of abstract shapes
A debit card fed through a document shredder (money)

Get them right, and Sybil will check the first symptom in the form. Now, you’ll usually need to exhibit a violent reaction to dentistry during the free association test. A rather normal thing to do, but it works. Just pull your gun out and attempt to shoot Sybil whenever she mentions anything related to dentistry. This is usually the second word she mentions and key words include: crown, drill, filling, flouride and polish. Mind you, you will fail the test if you're being violent when a non-dentistry word is mentioned. Oh, and the Boxing Glove can also be used on Sybil as a substitute method, but not the Launcher.

The third test involves a dream analysis. Things couldn’t be simpler:

You merely have to dream about items related to the third symptom. (To exit your dream at any time, just click on the open window or office door.)

If the third symptom is:
a need to know your peer's age - choose a birthday cake and Max
marry your mom - choose a wedding cake and you (Sybil)

Now that you’ve made it into the certified loonies club, leave Sybil's office and head for Brady's hideout. Use the Symptoms Form on the form reader to open the right gate. Enter the building. After the cutscene, Max will end up at the inconvenience store.

… the … err… Almost Last Act of the Game

Grab the Cheese from the table next to the counter. You’ll enter your dreamworld again. Only this time, it’s infested. You’ll have to make that irritating sod Brady Culture disappear. Talk to Max’s head. Pull out your gun and shoot at the one way sign next to the open office door, thus turning the room upside down. Use (in a very loose sense of the term) Max's head on his body. One Brady’s gone.

To turn off the fan, use the light switch located next to the one way sign. Now, take the Coat Hanger from the top of the television. Two more Bradys down. Open the closet door, confront a cheesy Brady and quickly use the Bicycle Pump. Your dear rat will do the rest. That’s it, you’re a free man .. errr… dog… err… anthropomorphic canine. No more Brady in your head!

Back in Bosco’s, end the conversation with Bosco and head for Sybil's office. Talk to Sybil and asks if she can help. She’ll provide with a Helmet Diagram. Leave her place and head back to your office. Grab the Coat Hanger from the top of the television and head for Bosco’s inconvenience store. Give the Helmet Diagram and then the Coat Hanger to Bosco. Now, leave the inconvenience store and hop into your DeSoto. There’s silly work afoot.

The Final Act (definitely)

Let’s be brief now. Enter the building through the right gate. Sam will wear the device automatically.

Click on the Soda Poppers and select become... Brady Culture!

The worship option will appear. Select worship... me!

Click on the Soda Poppers again and select attack... me!


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