May 19, 2006

An old Sam & Max video

This is a rather simple post. It's all about the canceled Lucasarts game, that used to go under the name of Sam and Max: Freelance Police. It would have been great. It would have included dozens of mini-games. It even had a trailer (which I uploaded for your viewing pleasure). Now it's dead. Not quite? Well, let's just wait and see....

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  1. They don't make em like they used to.

    I mean they probably won't make them like they might have made them...........had they made them.

    I'm going to lie down now

  2. Yes, I found this game interesting-looking, despite not playing any previous games in one of Gnome's favorite series...

    Good video.

  3. The elderly: Oh dear, that was really funny. Or at least I was really drank when I read it. No matter, made me laugh...

    Ross: Yes, ross, it seemed like it would have been a great game. Lucasarts though, just decided to push more shite Star Wars games...