Jul 14, 2006

Knights of the Dinner Table !

Yes, Knights of the Dinner Table indeed. Now in flash-animation/webcartoon format, without added sugar or costs. More of a cost reduction actually, as the new flashy KotDT are 100% free, just like everything should be (according to more than a hundred specialized deities). So... Grab your Hackmaster Rulebook and GM screen, wash yourselves and click here. Feel the joy. This is what the web was made for.

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  1. do i get a saving throw if I wet myself laughing?
    (vernacular expression....L..M..N)


  2. Excellent find Mr. Gnome. Watching those episodes makes me remember when I used to role play. Good times indeed.

  3. A Save versus Paralysis would do just fine, only with a -2 modifier (the great humor you see...)

    Glad you enjoyed it my friends... You'll soon be turned it seems.

    Off to play Baldur's Gate)

  4. hey baldurs gate......now thats the bestest game ever made in the entire world ever......

    and i still have installed along with shadows of Amn, never managed to pick up (shakes head, badly batterd memory falls out) Tales of the Sword Coast

  5. Well, I;ve just picked up the whole lot and am quite a happy little punter. And a happy gnome too.

    Brilliant, brilliant I tell you...

    (any way to up the resolution?)

  6. Hey Gnome, just stopping by to let you know that Im still alive, but my internet at home is not... :( Might be a while before I get a new provider..? I've been working on some new chapters to the Lost Lair- so I should have some good stuff when Im up and running again!!
    Hope to get back soon!- talk to you later.
    I told Elderly if my tea's cold to help yourself and I will get a new cup when Im back.

  7. I'll be baking some cookies too... Don't be late DEITRIX.

    Looking forward to those Lairs, mate!

  8. not that i'm aware (resolution thingy), gets better though when you get to shadown of amn.....

    (eats some cookie dough)

    theres a neat way of changing character portraits though


  9. Nw, that's a brilliant link! Thanks a lot my friend... Quite a lot of Half-Elves too.

  10. I blame spock, tepal and yourself on the penchant i have for pointy ears......

    elves whether entirely complete or not are a sublime race, not as nice as gnomes mind you.....

  11. Tepal? Uhmm.. don't know him.. Care to elaborate?Ah, you're so kind Mr. Elderly.

    Gnomes are the only true Party animals!

  12. a spelling error on my part (what's new?) I meant T'pau....as in Joelene Blalock

    a tepal of course as everyone knows is an element of the perianth of a flower, such as a petal or sepal....(closes wikipedia windo)

  13. To be honert neither T'Pau or Blalock cleared tings up. It must be my english...

    There's also the tefal brand though.. they make frying pans and stuff.

  14. while Jolenes lips may have come in contact with a tefal at some stage, i can asure your theres where the resembulabuabulance ends.

    here let me show your (opens up wallet pulls out picture)


  15. Wow! Nice pic!

    Should have known her...

  16. Well, no... More in a televised sense...

  17. More of a captan I was thinking...

  18. (edlery brings to mind gnome standing over t'pau in his starfleet captains uniform)

    noooooo too much imagery........

    (runs and rinses brain with some cold water....)