Jul 16, 2006

Flash For Fun ...or...er... not

Flash #1
Raiden (Raiden X, actually)! Not of the Lord kind, thus definitely not affiliated to the Mortal Kombat misspelled franchise, but more of a stylish remake of Seibu Kaihatsu's brilliant 2D shooter. Borrowing gameplay elements from every Raiden to date and toning down the difficulty, this is quite a fun diversion (from your flashing around town, you sick-sick persons). Keep yourselves off the streets, visit this place instead. Then collect power-ups, shoot things and drop MegaBombs!

Flash #2
Be fast with this one, as my gnomey-sense tells me it will not last long. It's the full version of Lemmings. Guaranteed to break the ice at parties. Dress casually and click here.

Flash #3

Metal Slug! On the PC (ok, guess on the Mac too) and only using our humble Java engines. Mostly in Japanese, but -believe me- you won't miss anything. Classic arcade-like action, minus the 'insert a coin' thingy. Slug it out here.

Flash #4
Zidane or Tom Waits? You choose Visitor-san!

Flash! Aha! He's a miracle!

Or is he? Who cares? Just try some hand-picked free games, or even more hand-picked free games, or just get lost in retro CD-i heaven.

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  1. i do have a life you know.....

    well i did until i found.....lemmings

    Flash! ah haaaaaaaaaaaa
    saviour of the universe

    Flash! ah haaaaa

    sorry be wit you in a moment....

  2. I'll be dusting my (complete) Queen discography, serving the drinks, and waiting for you to return from your Lemmings... Take your time...

  3. Hey, Gnome. Sorry for the lack of termiology but when you say, exchange links, are you talking about emails?

  4. Nope.... More of "we link to each other's blog" :)

  5. queen and drinks vs. lemmings

    you are evil........

  6. Not really... Just being your ordinary gnome (of the 80s)...

  7. sorry to see that gsw deleted your comment. but kudos on another great post! (heh)

  8. Nah, that's okay I guess... It was a mistake after all. Glad you liked it...

  9. okay i made my mind up Queen and beer it is (settles down for gnome famous brew and a day at the races, spits a lemming out of his mouth)

  10. "sorry to see that gsw deleted your comment. but kudos on another great post! (heh)"

    Oh you can't leave us hanging on that one gnome. What did you say that was so mistaken? ;)

  11. It was (apparently and as GSW has to say for itself) an unfortunate mistake, during a dangerous operation to clean up spam... Understandable.

    How about a Night at the Opera too Mr. Elderly? (I see you do appreciate a gnome's beer)

  12. sokay you flay wufever you seal comvortabley wit, ayim jus fine

    (falls of chair)

    .....hic! heaaaar!...

    now wherase i putttt me beeeer?

  13. "sorry to see that gsw deleted your comment. but kudos on another great post! (heh)"

    I meant to say that this particular post about Flash games is excellent. but so are the rest of the stuff you keep feeding us with. :)

  14. Thank you so very much squire Tim...

    Oh, and here's your beer Mr. Elderly... it's all cold and nice..

  15. thhs ghomm uuuu a weal phal

    aaa cud ye hoooeld it fer me wile i slake a tip....?

    take aslip (belch) sip


  16. And now for the coffe. And a nice soup.

  17. (crawls across floor towards door)

    no sloop fer me.......

  18. Oh no you don't. come here. It's for your own good.


    Now eat up!

  19. splur! splurt! (gnome force feeds elderly the warm thick and lumpy oxtail soup)

    nooffeaihhhre. splutter, spurt...

    eye gnot.... splitter...eahting nit..

    ahhhhh gumpf......

  20. you feel better now, don't you?

    Think of this in terms of tomorrows headache and you'll thank me (eventually)...

    Have some bread too.

  21. brled, ssslll jeez..... no bled

    (crawls between gnomes legs and lunges towards the front door)

  22. (gnome smiles)

    Front door locked my friend...