Sep 21, 2015

Workers In Progress Special Edition: Progress Harder

Workers In Progress despite being rushed to completion and never truly achieving version 1.0, is a texty little political simulation I'm very fond of and one that has miraculously proven almost popular. It has also made me immensely proud by getting itself a few kind reviews and a couple of lovely translations into Turkish and Spanish and, one has to admit, it's a game that really does deserve better.

So, WIP is indeed going to get all the attention it should have required, as I've finally decided to start working on its fresh, new Special Edition which --at the very least-- will come with polished texts, fixed typos, translations in Spanish and Turkish, an aesthetic overhaul and a few more changes here and there. 

That's not all though. I will try to find the time and go the extra mile: translate the game into Greek, add more content and new branches, see whether a soundtrack can be arranged, make sure it gets a few illustrations and hunt around for more translations in order to craft the best Workers In Progress possible. 

If you think you would like to help, either with contributing further translations, graphics, music (or insight on how to incorporate a soundtrack into Twine) or by doing something clever with the game's stylesheet then, by all means, please do drop me a line. I'd love to work with you on this little project.

Oh, and everyone else, do not worry. Earthling Priorities is progressing slowly but nicely and above all surely. Should be ready before anyone of us dies.

Reminder: I could really use your support via Patreon in order to survive long enough to make more indie gaming (and gaming in general) words and, of course, actual games and things. Thanks! 

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