Sep 18, 2015

The Watchful Indie Watch #18.9

And just like that, The Watchful Indie Watch returns and hopes to stay around a little bit longer (wink, wink) in order to entertain its lovable reader with the indie-est of tales in a gaming world that's gone impressively indie indeed.

So, let's kick things off with a Kickstarter, shall we? Of course we shall, for this is the House Of Many Doors crowdfunder I'm talking about and it's bound to be an excellently worded and text heavy RPG complete with procedural poetry and FTL-inspired battles. I've already interviewed its soul, a Mr. Harry Tuffs, here.

The special edition of Death Ray Manta has been unleashed upon an unsuspecting audience by a certain wonderful Rob. It is the aptly named Death Ray Manta SE, it's got lasers and flashing lights and trippy tunes and costs less than any cocktail anywhere in the world. Apparently DRM is also part of the latest Humble Weekly Bundle too!

Adventure gamers and people who love people (also, hugs) must play Dropsy. Dropsy loves you. Dropsy cares for you. Dropsy is one of the best adventure games ever. I reviewed it here. Keep in mind, that Dropsy is also a clown who cannot read.

And here's another brilliant point-and-clicker that's bound to become a classic: STASIS. This one's a less heart-warming and more terrifying sci-fi horror affair, obviously inspired by Alien and Event Horizon. Great puzzles, great atmosphere.  

Sticking to adventures, you'll be happy to know that Blackwell Legacy is currently free for them iOS devices in anticipation of the release of Blackwell Deception on the platform. Blackwell Unbound and Convergence are on a 50% sale for the same reason.

And if you can stop playing for a moment, you'll be pleased to know that there's still time to submit your game/interactive story to the 2015 Interactive Fiction Competition. All entries are due by September 28.

Had enough text and graphic adventuring already? Lucky you. Here's a charming and rather surreal RPG that will remember everything you ever do to it and its world: Undertale. It's all about a human trapped in place filled with monsters and, apparently, friendship.

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