Sep 25, 2015

The Watchful Indie Watch #25.9

Quite a week this one. Quite an incredibly irritating and not particularly happy week to be precise, but at least one with some rather interesting fresh new indie things. You know, like these:
House of Wire released Trawl (Windows, Mac, Linux) over on and it's one of the few games that effortlessly combine ships and typewriters in an impressively atmospheric whole. Highly recommended and I'll soon be writing more on it.

For a more frantic experience, my esteemed trigger happy reader will be happy to know that Fistful of Gun is available on GOG, Steam and the Humble Store. It comes complete with 9 psychotic gunslingers determined to cancel the railway's expansion from the Wild West to Hell.

I have been waiting for else Heart.Break() for quite some time now and it can finally be played. Still looks clever, lovely and unique, which is very nice, though I still haven't grabbed my copy yet. Will be fixing that momentarily.

Right after playing a little bit more with the freeware Fire Dance With Me, to be honest. The only game ever that dared introduce Twin Peaks to Dance Dance Revolution.

Sigma Theory. It's enigmatic, it is.

Available as Early Access via Steam, 20XX is an action platformer that looks brilliantly 16-bit and has so far impressed me. Despite being a rogue-like, that is.

Then again, if you want to play something really good and refreshingly non-casual on your iOS device, the excellent Blackwell Deception has hit the App Store. Here's my review of the PC version of said indie-adventuring classic.

Feeling the need to kickstart something intriguing? Well, Surface definitely does look interesting. Intriguing even .Especially if you are looking to investigate pixel art things while undercover.

Oh, and as you must have heard SOMA has been launched. And, yes, it's a truly scary horror game. Very scary. Very scary indeed.

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  1. hang in there gnome - I had a similarly antagonistic week last week and this one was much better. hope yours follow the same pattern...

    1. Hey, thanks! We'll see :) And, of course, cheers!

  2. To what it's worth, you have a new paeteon :).

    Looking forward to trying heart.break() too when I can afford it. But before that, Flame in the Flood looks amazing!