Jul 3, 2014

BITBITJam and the Classic Hardware Freebie Indies

Jams are a lovely thing. A varied thing also and even the one jam I never expected to see happen, well, happened. It's the BITBITJam and it tasked developers with creating games for actual, vintage machines. Not retro-inspired games, that is, but games that would run on your very real, rather old, most probably dusty ZX Spectrums and Sega MegaDrives.

And lo, 10 brand new freeware games for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Sega MegaDrive, Nintendo Game Boy and MSX have been released! Download them all here.

The Speccy is a bit over-represented, which is always a good thing, and has gotten itself five offerings, followed by the MegaDrive with two, while the other platforms got one (lovable) game each. As for me, I only tried a few of said offerings, really loved Conspiralove and Leovigildo's Murcian Conspiracy and am aiming to play through the rest of said entries as soon as possible.
Mind you, in order to play everything, you will probably need several of these handy emulator thingies: WinApe (Amstrad CPC), ZX Spin (ZX Spectrum), BGB (GameBoy), blueMSX (MSX) and Kega Fusion (MegaDrive).

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