Jul 4, 2014

The Watchful Indie Watch #4.7

And with the third installment to the Watchful Indie Watch series it's time for a short break. After two years I too need a few weeks in order to avoid random re-calibrations of that old gnomic brain; the Watch will thus probably return in August (or late July)!

Richard Cobbett has thoroughly cobbetized Fallen London and given us Fallen Swindon. Anything else said about it is a spoiler and thus, wisely, avoided.

Excellent bear-filled beat-'em-up Fist of Awesome has just made it on Steam. And is on sale. And a bear-'em-up. And as pixely as ever.

Dwarves, astronauts, dwarf-astronauts in Stone Space and some lovely art make for a rather promising Kickstarter. We Are The Dwarves!

Fire with Fire won't be launched for another 10 days or so, but it does have a shiny new trailer. Oh, and it's gonna be a tower defense / tower attack thing with some creepy creeps.

The second episode of stunning point-and-click adventure The Journey Down, the aptly named The Journey Down: Chapter Two has entered beta and will soon get its release date.

Eternal Desert Sunshine is currently asking for your moneys over at IndieGoGo. It wants to become a wonderful, surreal arcade adventure set in ancient Egypt.

Voyage to Farland, on the other hand, already is. It's a hardcore rogue-like that plays traditionally but looks like something even a child would appreciate.

Back to things that haven't been released yet: Missing Translation -- a most definitely beautiful affair that manages to draw its inspiration from both FEZ and traditional adventure games.

Aching to download something? Good! Here's the latest version of ascii-esque FPS Illuminascii for Windows, Mac and Linux; it definitely feels unique.

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