Jun 30, 2014

The thankful Patreon Shout Out!

Time to put on the Patreon face, remind you of the fact that you can still support me and my work on indie gaming, and publicly thank some of the wonderfully generous people who have done so already. Mind you, those are not all my benevolent patrons, but just the ones who have provided me with the links and info for this shout out (hopefully more will follow).

Here's to some of the kind souls that have helped me then!

Christos “acer7” Tountas (twitterfacebook); a good friend and supporter of every game-related thing I have ever done.

Adventure developers and masters of all things black and white Expression Studios (twitter, web, email).

My friend, master pixel artist and indie developer Gionathan Pesaresi (twitter) of Neutronized.

The great producer of C64 cartridges James Monkman (twitter) of RGCD fame.

The kind St├ęphane.

My ridiculously (multi-)talented friend Eriq Chang (twitter, web).

And my dear, close friend Agustin Cordes (twitter) of Senscape; the creator of the best horror adventures ever and a staunch supporter for years.

Also, a huge thanks to Rob, Tim, Alan, Dan, Ben, Tam, Richard, John, Eric, Kurt, Ofer, Delyth, Dagda, Georgios and Daniel, who, I hope, will very soon get their proper shout out too (psst, just drop me a line)!

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