Nov 14, 2011

The Oneiropolis Compendium and Kohlrabian Dialecticus

The beautiful and most whimsical picture you see above will very soon be adorning the physical walls of this very lair. What's more, it's already accompanied by a most intriguing and excellently written bit of text, detailing Kohlrabian Dialecticus; a pretty amazing academic from the Lands of Dream, the fantasy setting where Jonas and Verena Kyratzes have already placed two of their excellent games (The Book of Living Magic and The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge) and the setting of their most ambitious (upcoming) project yet. Rumours have it that a Lands of Dream book isn't too far off either...

Anyway. You can find out more about said game and the Lands of Dream themselves right here. While you are at it though, why not help uncover more of them magical Lands of Dream by supporting this truly unique indie developer? You might even get your very own, hand-painted, framed, fantasy picture mailed to you too.


  1. ha ha :) found the cleverily concealed "here" link...

    and then I met this cat.....

    thankfully a very friendly one though!

  2. Fantastic little critter, innit? And I must admit your link discovering abilities are beyond impressive... I salute you oh Elderly!

  3. (embarassed elderly blushs....)

    thanks Gnome!! really it was very simple, see I scanned the webpag......

    (several hours later...)

    simple really, but shhhh dont' tell anyone


  4. Aye. Will take the method (tm) to my grave. Rest assured.

  5. but what if there are grave robbers?


  6. Hmmm. I'll arrange for an undead tomb-guard regiment then. This should work.