Nov 15, 2011

Show me the (Royal) Indie Bundles (Sale)

The Indie Gaming Renaissance has already begun reader and we are apparently heading straight to the phase of the Indie Gaming Revolution, but let's not overexcite ourselves just yet. Better grab a cup of tea, take a deep breath, ponder on the desperate stagnation of mainstream gaming, count our pennies and go grab some of the best indie offerings for very cheap indeed. Apparently, it also is the Age of the Bundle! How very nice and crisis-sensitive.

The first bundle you should care about is none other than the second indie bundle by IndieRoyale -the brand new bundling site- that will be offering its aptly named the Difficult 2nd Bundle for the rest of this very day. Yes, I do suppose you should hurry over to IndieRoyale and spend the ridiculously humble amount of money asked in order to grab seven (!) glorious games for a few cents each. I also guess I should have blogged this a bit earlier. 

Among said seven offerings, you will find the excellent political strategy game Fate of the World (complete with DLC packs and soundtrack) I only recently reviewed, the amazing shooter that is Scoregasm, both Ben & Dan adventure games and indie darling NightSky. Sounds brilliant, doesn't it? Well, that's because it quite frankly is. 

Failing that (yes, I know, hours can fly by so fast and missing stuff online is ridiculously easy), you can always head over to the pretty excellent Show me the Games Sale and grab vastly discounted games safe in the knowledge that all the money will go to the developers themselves, thus furthering the indie cause. Or, well, aesthetic. What's more, you have thirteen whole days to make up your mind and choose the games of your liking.

Now, if you'd allow me, which -let's face it- you have no chance but to, I will suggest a few of the more interesting games on sale. So, there's excellent VVVVVV platformer which I loved and reviewed here, brilliant space strategy game AI War, action-puzzler Tidalis (review), Ultimate Play the Game homage Mr. Robot and the best tower defense variant I've ever played: Revenge of the Titans. Apparently you can also grab Frozen Synapse, which, despite being quite popular, I've yet to try.

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  1. I didn't know about the IndieRoyale website. It looks interesting and I'm sure I will spend some money there. Thanks for the post!

  2. You are most definitely welcome Lukasz :)

  3. grab Frozen synapse you said...

    (holds up two frostbitten hands...)


  4. Oh my my.


    To the gnome-cave!

    (hopes to think of something there)

  5. (Batgnome music plays in background as Gnome speeds the injured elderly to the cave...)

    ..are we there yet!!!

  6. Tadah!

    Still, nothing against frostbite here. Care for some toast per chance?

  7. okay it wouldn't hurt... never used toast as a bandage before....

    ....a little bit of marmalade on top perhaps?

  8. Nah, marmalade doesn't mix well with blood. Hmmm. Guess I should cauterize it first. ANd I'm not referring to the toast.